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In celebration of Constitution Day (September 17th) a new online version of U.S. Constitution is now available for year round viewing at

This important foundation of freedom, the basis for the entire United States government, is short enough to be read aloud in less than a half-hour.  The new online version while fully retaining the language and style of the original provides easy online helps with most unfamiliar words and phrases as well as all of the amendments, including the Bill of Rights, two letters of transmittal, the seldom seen preamble to the Bill of Rights, the two amendments that were an original part of the Bill of Rights but not ratified at the time, and detailed ratification information.  Both sequential and subject indexes are provided.

Detailed low level internal links are documented so that teachers may easily incorporate the page in their curriculum.  Two low vision settings are provided so that libraries and schools can provide access to those with this special need without any change to their computer settings.

With careful adherence to web standards and an eye to full accessibility, anyone with internet access should be able to use this page.  The privately funded page will carry no advertising.

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