Current Ohio Gun Laws


Ohio is a traditional open carry state and is considered relatively gun friendly. Here are the most relevant details people should know when they are in The Buckeye State, whether as a visitor or an Ohio resident, regarding current Ohio gun laws.

What Is the Baker Act?

American flag

The Baker Act is commonly referred to in the media. However, few people know that this act originated from and exclusively belongs to Florida. Despite this, many states adopted similar laws to this Florida statute due to its extensive role in public health and protecting individuals with mental illness.

What Is a Writ of Certiorari?

Supreme Court

A writ of certiorari is one of the writs that higher courts can issue. Writs of certiorari are rare, as supreme courts typically utilize them on the state or federal level. 

Is Mandatory Overtime Legal?

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Employers sometimes demand that their workers work overtime hours that are much longer than normally required to complete a project. Is this legal? Can your employer dismiss you for refusing to work overtime?

Top Constitutional Lawyers In The United States


The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and those who interpret it are considered some of the most important lawyers in our country. This list includes lawyers dedicated to upholding and interpreting the US Constitution and those who have made significant achievements in their field. From Supreme Court justices to well-known […]