Why Do Presidents Pardon?

Photo of President Gerald Ford

The President of the United States has the power to issue pardons to people who have committed federal crimes. A pardon allows a person who has perpetrated such a crime to be fully exonerated of that infraction.

Who Was the Worst President?

Photo of President Nixon with Elvis Presley

There is always a fascination with ranking the presidents from worst to best to see how they match up. Those in power want to end their term with a good legacy that places them in at least the top 10, but this is easier said than done. So, who are the contenders for the worst president of the United States?

Who Is at the Inauguration?

Photo of President George H.W. Bush

The United States presidential inauguration on Capitol Hill is a huge event on the political calendar. It only happens every four years as presidents are sworn in for their first or next term. It can be fascinating to watch everyone take their seat and fulfill their assigned roles. So, who is in attendance at the inauguration?

Which President Died of Pneumonia?

Photo of the White House

The short answer is that William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia – or at least that’s what most history books say. The 9th President of the United States died shortly after taking office in 1841. The commonly told story is that he caught a cold at his inauguration, which developed into pneumonia, and he died. Yet, some wonder if there were other causes to blame. 

Barack Obama Net Worth

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America and served in office as a Democrat from 2009 – to 2017, succeeding George W Bush in the White House. Obama is recognized as the first African American president and has dedicated his life to making real-world changes outside of his presidency. 

Founding Father James Monroe

Biography Of James Monroe James Monroe was a statesman, a founding father, and a lawyer. He was born on April 28th, 1758, in Monroe Hall, Virginia, to Spence and Elizabeth Monroe. Early Life He was home-schooled until age 11, when his parents enrolled him in Campbelltown Academy. At the early age of 16, James Monroe […]