Who Ran Against George Washington?

George Washington

George Washington is famous for being the first to take on the position of President of the United States. His accession to the role came after years of debate over how the United States should govern itself as an independent nation. 

Who Was the Tallest President?

tallest presidents

According to official records, Abraham Lincoln holds the record for being the United States’ tallest president. Honest Abe carried a considerable 6’4 frame, meaning it will take a well-built soul to strip the title in the future.

What Is a Designated Survivor?

Washington D.C.

It’s a scary thought, what if the entire government was wiped out in one fell swoop? Thankfully, the people who govern our nation have catered for this eventuality. They have put provisions in place for continuity of government. 

When Was JFK Shot?

JFK addressing Congress

The assassination of President John F Kennedy remains one of the most shocking moments in 20th-century presidential history. The location of the shooting is well known, but when was JFK shot, when did he die, and what else happened over that weekend?

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth

Nancy Pelosi

A couple of years ago, a political meme stated that Nancy Pelosi was worth 196 million dollars. Fact-checkers have since proved this to be incorrect information.

What is the Watergate Scandal?

The Watergate building

Richard Nixon’s presidency and legacy were tarnished by a single event and its fallout between 1972 and 1974. He would resign over accusations surrounding the Watergate scandal. The term Watergate is now tied to political corruption and controversy nearly 40 years on. What happened at the Watergate, and how deep was the president’s involvement?