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Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

Christmas gift-giving can be a struggle for those of us with teens. They are past the age where you can easily find toys based on the latest TV show that they love. Teens are also faced with the issue of growing up, and they are not always sure about things they like. Teen boys can be especially tricky. They are still “finding themselves” and are experimenting with different looks and ideas. This list includes Christmas gift ideas that are great for that transition from boyhood to manhood. Amazon Echo Always consider the individual. Does he enjoy dressing up? Or is he more of a country boy at home in the woods? Look at the activities he involves himself in. That can be easy if you are buying for your own child. It can be more difficult when the teenage boy is a nephew or a friend’s child. It may help to check with his parents. Here are 20 gift ideas for teen boys:

Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Teen boys learn to shave and experiment with different types of razors and shaving creams. The Art of Shaving line provides many products ranging from fancy razors to brushes and racks to hold razors. They also have a wide selection of shaving creams and butters. The Sandalwood Shaving Cream is a good start for a teen because it gives a great shave and has a fresh Sandalwood smell that is not too strong. It also comes in a small enough size that if it is not a great “fit,” the teen can move on to something else. Good for: teen boys who are learning how to shave.

Razer – Basilisk V3 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with Chroma RBG Lighting

If your teen is into PC gaming, he will tell you that the mouse is hugely important. A high-quality mouse can be the difference between life and death in some games. The Razer – Basilisk V3 is one of the best gaming mouses available. It consistently gets good reviews from serious gamers. If it is a little too pricy, look at the mouse your teen is using and find an upgrade for him. Look for a gaming mouse with great reviews. Good for: teen boys who like video games.

Electronics Organizer

So many of us are tech-obsessed, but for teens, it is an essential part of their lives. This electronics organizer is a superb way for your teen to keep track of all those charging cables while traveling. It can prevent the kids from bickering over cords and keep things neat and tidy (for you). It also protects the cords and keeps them from being damaged (something required for those expensive cords). It may not be a present he is excited about on Christmas morning, but he will appreciate it later. Good for: teen boys who have a lot of tech devices.

DoorDash Gift Card

DoorDash is a service that delivers food from local restaurants to your home. You can order complete meals as well as smaller things like ice cream and cookies. If you have a teen boy, you KNOW he is always eating. Some money on a DoorDash car will help keep him from eating you out of house and home. You can add money to the account any time you want. It also helps the teen feel like he is doing things on his own (from the safety of your home). Good for: any teen boy.

Vintage Nasa T-shirt

This cool shirt has a vintage Nasa logo for the science and space buff. As teens move away from wanting toys, this is a fun alternative to simply giving clothes as a gift. It is also unique enough to not find it on the rack at a store. That gives your teen a distinct, different, and interesting feeling. Good for: teen boys who like science and space.


Sarcastic fun for the gaming teen (and we know teens like to be sarcastic), a shirt that comes in several different colors and lets your teen proudly show off his sarcasm. It can also be a good conversation starter for the adults trying to relate to the teen at the family gathering. Teens often seem sullen but getting them to talk about the video game is an excellent way to open up. Sadly, grandma probably will not understand how traumatizing it was for your teen to pause the game. Good for: that sarcastic teen boy.

Majestic MLB Warrior Track Jacket

This is a light jacket he will want to wear. You can find versions of this jacket with team names for American and National Leagues. The jacket is warm and comfy and has your teen’s favorite team logo on the front. The logo is also small enough that it makes the jacket dressier. It lets your teen show off his favorite team even when you have dragged him to one of the nicer restaurants in your town. Good for: teen boys who like baseball.

Amazon Echo Show 5

A perfect tech device for your teen boy’s nightstand. The Alexa assistant can remind him of important things on his schedule. It will also play his music, work as a TV, and allow for video chatting. Giving him his own Echo for his room helps him feel independent. He is not tied to his parent’s device, which only plays “Dad music.” Amazon is also very concerned with privacy, does not sell your personal information, and allows the device to be muted or turned off easily. Best of all, you can add reminders to it yourself! Being reminded to pick his little brother up from the ballfield somehow stings less when it comes from Alexa. Good for: teen boys who like tech (and may need some help keeping to a schedule).

Bamboo Boxer-Briefs

Yes, it is the dreaded gift of underwear. But in this case, the gift is not just functional. Clothing made from spun bamboo is incredibly soft and feels lovely against the skin. Bamboo is also an organic, biodegradable natural resource and is a sustainable source of natural fiber. It is also durable and very strong. Christmas gifts like these are for an active teenage boy. It is also a nice way for them to start realizing that clothing can be both practical and comfortable. Good for: any teenage boy.

Book: “How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman” by Deckle Edge

This is a great Christmas gift for teens who enjoy reading and a handy reference book. It advises on style and etiquette, so your teen knows what color shoes to wear with a suit (the one you are probably making him wear). As teens explore who they want to be when they grow up, this book can serve as a guide to help them on the way. It also makes them feel more independent because they do not have to ask mom and dad how they should dress on the date with that girl who is so special (this week). Good for: teen boys who are starting to do “adult” things independently.

Book Series: Joe Pickett by CJ Box

For teens who enjoy reading but like the great outdoors with some mystery. The Joe Pickett series follows a Wyoming Game warden who fights the bad guys against the backdrop of the Big Horn mountains. I first learned about Joe Pickett from a real cowboy in Wyoming, who told me the books very accurately depicted life in Wyoming. Joe Pickett is a perfect role model for young men. He embodies the spirit of the American West. He works hard, is concerned for his family, is loyal to friends, and always does the right thing, even though it is also more difficult. But the books are filled with high adventure, the stories move fast, and (as Joe often says), “get western” very quickly. For boys who liked the “Longmire” TV series, this is an excellent series of books about the same area of the country. There are 22 books in the series, with a new one about every year. The books are best read in order, so start with “Open Season.” Good for: teen boys who like to read.

Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon

For that car-obsessed teen boy, this foam “cannon” helps him keep his car or truck clean. Adapters help you save soap and water by choosing the right combination for your vehicle. You can give a light wash or blast that truck that is covered in mud. The nozzle attaches to your hose and produces a huge amount of foamy suds. The suds are what make this product cool: you get a carwash experience in your driveway, and it makes washing the car a little more fun. Find the perfect soap to go with it by taking the “quiz” on the Chemical Guys website. They also sell towels specifically made for drying glass and finishing and buffing.  Good for: teen boys with a car or truck.

40 Piece Drive Socket Set

Face it, most teens start with older cars that are going to require some repair. Get this handy 40-piece toolset for the trunk of your teen’s car. It has all the basics for a simple repair, and the case will easily fit in a trunk or under the seat of a truck. Having his tools makes your teen feel more independent. And dads, when he does not put things back in the right place, it isn’t your tools he’ll be messing up! Good for: teen boys with a car or truck.

Leather Tool-belt

As teen boys grow, they want their own things. Instead of using dad’s work-belt, get him his own. This work belt makes home projects easier. It is a classic leather work belt and has 11 pockets and two steel hammer loops. There is also a clip to hang your measuring tape. This is a real tool-belt and a great way to give him something useful he can take with him when he moves on. And when dad says, “Hand me the Phillips-head screwdriver,” he will have it right with him. Good for: teen boys who like tools and projects.

Blue Ray: “Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons”

“Yellowstone” is a hugely successful American TV series starring Kevin Costner. The show was created by Taylor Sheridan, who previously created “Sons of Anarchy.” It tells the story of the Dutton family, who are sixth-generation ranchers, as well as the colorful cowboys who work for them. The Duttons face constant conflict from developers, other ranchers, and Native Americans. Their (sometimes crazy) exploits are great to watch because the Duttons are portrayed in shades of gray. They are, by far, not the “good guys.” They are anti-heroes who do not always make the most ethical decisions.  Teen boys love this show because it is full of action and moves fast. Note that it contains stories of an adult nature (language, sex, violence). Not for younger teens. Good for: teen boys who like watching TV.

Boston Leather Garrison Belt

This is a 1″ leather belt with a long history in the military and law enforcement. It has traditionally been worn with work clothing. The interesting thing about the belt is that it can be used for a variety of “fashion statements.” Teen boys who are interested in the military or law enforcement will find that it gives them somewhat of a serious look when worn with jeans and a t-shirt.  For the less serious look, it can be used to mix casual with formal and work clothes with more formal clothes. Teens experimenting with mixing styles will find that it gives an exciting offset to their other clothes. You will see “hipsters” wearing them with flannel shirts (in “lumberjack style”). These belts are durable and will last many, many years. Your teen may start wearing it as a fashion statement but still be wearing it 20 years later simply because it is a good belt. Good for: teen boys who are experimenting with different clothing styles.

HZMAN Authentic Wide Genuine Leather Wrist Cuff

This wide leather wrist cuff has cool tribal designs. It is robust and durable leather but soft enough to be worn on the wrist. Perfect for both the rocker and biker looks, it gives off a strong, bold vibe. Teen boys often want to feel tough, and this genuine leather strap can help make that bold statement. It is “dress” jewelry that gives off a rugged, masculine feel. The cuffs are meant to fit close to the wrist, and you may have to get an exact measurement before ordering.  Good for: teen boys who are experimenting with different clothing styles.

MOWOM Black Chain Necklace

This cobalt gunmetal chain provides a cool urban look. It is thick and heavy but has a subtle appearance. It can be worn with both casual and dressier shirts. It is more interesting than just a simple gold necklace but does not stand out as flashy. The necklace comprises six sides, four of which are brushed after being black plated. The metal is allergy safe and hypoallergenic. It comes with a black gift box. Good for: teen boys who are experimenting with different clothing styles.

Personal Exchange Monogram Tray

What do teen boys do when they are done for the day? They throw their clothing everywhere. They are still growing up and still just plain messy. That was fine when all they were throwing around were t-shirts. But now, they are acquiring jewelry like some of the other things on this list (leather wrist bands, necklaces) and other jewelry. And some of that stuff is expensive and needs to be put away. This simple valet tray can be a solution to that. It is perfect for the teen boy who is just starting to wear jewelry. It allows them to “dump” their jewelry into a holder that will keep it protected and safe. Teens find it easier than having to put jewelry away in a box. The leather tray comes monogrammed with an initial that adds a bit of personality to it. Because it is made of leather, the jewelry is protected from scratching. The corners can also be flattened out for easy storage during travel. Good for: teen boys who have jewelry.

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