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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is a notoriously daunting task, especially around the holidays when you’re essentially obligated to find gifts for friends, family, and even coworkers you pretty much dislike. In addition to worrying if your gift is a good enough price for the recipient, you’re afraid they may not even like it or that they’ll end up regifting it. Christmas gifts These fears and anxieties are what led you to this list, and luckily for you, we’ve got Amazon links for all the gifts on this list. Eliminate the burden of figuring out what to give someone, as you’re bound to find something on this list that’s compatible with the most difficult person to gift in your life.

Fattiez Round Squeaky Plush Toy by Outward Hound

A great gift idea is to take advantage of the fact that virtually everyone’s got pets, so when thinking of a perfect gift for this kind of person, why not cater to their love of their furry children? This squeaky pink pig toy for dogs is adorable and will hold the eyes and ears of any dog (maybe not to the delight of their owners once it starts squeaking, but we digress). This dog toy has a round form factor that they will love for the simple fact that they can bite down on it as many times as their little jaws want, and it will still retain its robust form. Each animal plushie makes its unique kind of squeak. Buy several for your pet owner friend and watch their home erupt in squeaky chaos.

Milumia Women’s Crop Top and Shorts Pajama Set

If you have a family of the female variety or young nieces that are hard to gift because they pretty much already have the things they want and like, or you’re of the opposite gender and don’t know what to get your mom or girlfriend, wonder no more because this entry is for you. Frivolous gifts are lovely to receive, but ones that you can use at the end of a long day to unwind or sleep in can be one of the best gifts to receive as a female. Get the female in your life a cozy cropped top and shorts set for sleep and lounging around in the house. You’ll find that you’ve hit their sentimental sweet spot with this entry on our list.

USB C Wireless Solar Panel Battery Pack for Phones with Flashlight

You know the type. They love to hike, camp, cook on the campfire, spend most of their time outdoors or live off-grid. These kind of people are challenging to gift because they live lives that are meant to run from excess and prefer minimalism. This gift allows them to chase that minimalistic life and will even help them during emergency situations. There may be no electrical outlets in the great outdoors, but the sun is a natural source of unending power that your gift-recipient can harness during the day and utilize at night, in the wilderness, or at camp.

Samsung Evo Plus Memory Card

You might know a burgeoning vlogger or influencer in your life that’s armed with their cameras, laptops, and editing software at your local coffee shop, working to show you the lives they live and the adventures they’ve gone on. This type of person only seems challenging to gift, and this list will debunk them for you. With all the footage they have to capture and edit for their blogs and videos, it’s only natural to buy people like this a memory card to supplement their phone and computer storage. You might even find your name in a special thanks section of your blog or video for gifting them the space for extra content.

ASFC Wireless Remote Control Cat Toy

Many cat owners own cats because they aren’t as difficult to care for or keep entertained as dogs since these feisty felines pretty much entertain themselves by destroying furniture. This can often lead to cats ballooning past their normal weight due to inactivity. Gift your local crazy cat lady this wireless remote control cat toy that will allow them to play with their pet and get them moving and exercising if they aren’t a fan of the outdoors. Not only is this a good idea for cats, but this is one of the best Christmas gifts to make you laugh.


Just because your recipient seems like someone that already has everything they want in life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t double down on something they already do have. If anything, it’s a smart gift idea to add to their collection. Jewelry is one of the best gifts for this, as practically everyone wears jewelry, and they vary in price and quality. Take these moissanite eternity rings in the link above. They are durable, stackable, shinier, and more affordable than actual diamonds, with nearly the same hardness on the Mohs scale and twice the color refraction. You can get them in sterling silver, which will never turn or a rose gold metal for that classic look. Either way, your recipient will love these.

UFC Hoodie

For the women scrolling down this list for gift ideas because they’re at a loss for what to gift the men in their lives, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Clothes are an easy gift idea for men if you get their size or measurements right. If you’ve got a sports fan in your life, then this is the right gift for them. Most men like to wear the sports teams they represent, so sports jerseys are everywhere. Why not gift him a UFC hoodie this Christmas to give him just the right edge of coolness and a chance for him to represent his favorite sport, entertainment, or program.

Black Platform Boots

Perhaps this is a gift for yourself or your best friend that takes an extra hour to prepare for your outings with her since she can never figure out what to wear on a night out. The great thing about this gift idea is that this boot can come out with you for work or play. These kinds of boots match any outfit and for any situation. As long as you get your friend’s feet size correct, they’ll thank you for a versatile addition to their wardrobe. You can also consider this a gift to yourself because your friend might finally be out the door with you when they’re supposed to.

Collagen Gummies

Collagen is something often forgotten in our pursuit of looking younger for longer. Often people resort to the most expensive creams and cleansers to keep their skin supple and healthy, not knowing that the best way to do this cannot be topical alone. If you have a skincare enthusiast to gift this Christmas, this entry is for you. This protein is very important for skin elasticity, keeping it plump and fresh, and warding off a loose and droopy appearance. Thanks to their fun color, taste, and gummy texture, Vital Proteins collagen gummies will be easy to remember to take every night. Your Christmas gift recipient and skincare enthusiast will adore you.

10mg Super Strength Melatonin Pills

We all know a few people that are overworked and overstressed, whether that’s someone else or ourselves, making sleep the most important thing when it comes to mental or physical recovery. This Christmas, gift someone the all-important but straightforward gift of a restful night’s sleep. Melatonin pills are a healthier alternative to sleeping pills and a lower risk in comparison. One 10mg pill of melatonin will have you feeling a natural sensation of sleepiness, mimicking your body’s natural melatonin production. Make someone smile this Christmas with this incredibly thoughtful and helpful gift.

Stylish and Protective Phone Case

Virtually every person on earth owns a phone, so this is the easiest Christmas gift idea to come up with. If you have someone in your life that likes the thrill of danger, going through life without a protective case over their phone, then this is your chance to show them what they’re missing this holiday season. You’ve probably heard of these Casetify Impact cases from your favorite influencer’s videos, and for a good reason. These cases allow the owner to pick, choose, customize, and make their phone cases fit their styles and personalities while also protecting their very expensive and fragile cellphones. Protect a friend’s phone, and savings account this Christmas.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are an excellent idea to gift someone this Christmas if you aren’t as close to them and are clueless about their hobbies and personality. Oversized shirts are also a unisex gift idea and something people actually will and can use daily. This gift idea is versatile and will save you from the anxiety of work gift exchanges. Instead of the classically bad Christmas gift of picture frames or towels, get your recipient a gift they can stylize with boots, strappy sandals for women, or a quick wardrobe option for busy and simply dressed men in your latest gift exchange. This is one gift you won’t see regifted, because who doesn’t love simple oversized shirts?

Electric Nail File

Some women love looking put together down to the nails on their fingers. This means a lot of money spent at the salon to ensure they’ve got the most durable and colorful acrylics that can only be achieved with pricey nail tools. Learning to do your nails can save you so much money that you can put towards other necessities to keep you put together. Gift a nail art enthusiast an electric nail drill. The ones found on Amazon are small handheld electric filers that are effective, durable, and come with essential variations of different drill bits and buffers. Some are even wireless, so the recipient can take their nail kit anywhere with them as long as it’s fully charged.

Clothes Hangers

This may sound like the most boring suggestion on the list, but hear us out. If you know someone that’s just recently moved and is currently settling into a new home over the festive period, why not help them set their apartment or home up with their basic necessities? These white clothes hangers on Amazon will save your gift recipient space in their bedrooms and closets from disorganized closed and can even fit a minimalistic styling if that’s what they’re going for. This Christmas, instead of frivolous holiday gifts, get a friend things they actually need and save them the money they’d need to get it themselves.

Glass Digital Scale

We all know at least a few people who love fitness, eating healthy, and staying in shape or are only beginning to start their fitness journey. Why not gift them this digital glass scale, not to labor the point that they should own one, but to use it as their starting point to determine what they want to achieve from their workouts. Scales usually have a negative connotation attached to them, forgetting that scales can help you determine how much you weigh, how much you want to lose, and how you’re going to do it. This should be seen as a thoughtful gift as long as it is given thoughtfully and lovingly this Christmas. Always remember, the thought behind gift-giving is what matters.

Over the Sink Drying Dish Rack

Know someone that isn’t the best cook or homemaker? It may even be yourself. The kitchen is not your favorite place, especially while you’re doing dishes. It’s wet, messy, and a thankless task. This Christmas, eliminate your kitchen woes with an over-the-sink drying dish rack. Not only will it be a complete space saver if you happen to live in a college dorm or a small apartment, but it helps prevent mold in your dish container by having the moisture drip directly down into your sink where it can disappear forever.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Did you think we were going to forget the gamers on this list? Never! Gamers are the most fun people to gift because gaming peripherals come in so many different shapes and colors, and most of them flash bright led lights. It’s like the future! There are so many gaming keyboards out there, and our link can only pinpoint you to one, but your gamer friend or family member will adore you for getting them an RGB gaming keyboard. There are so many brands, variations, and prices to choose from that you’ll have fun exploring the vast catalog of types and qualities that they come in.

Work and Study Desk for Home and Office

If someone you know is a workaholic or a studious college student, why not get them a useful gift this Christmas that can end up being a mainstay in their daily routine? Support their work or studies by supplementing their room with a cozy place to sit. This study desk offers useful space for books, a computer, its CPU, and documents that you can keep and put away in one place. The sturdy metal legs and waxed hazelwood finish will compliment anyone’s room and space.

RGB Gaming Console Controller

If you thought only PC gamers were getting gifted this Christmas, you’re wrong because console gamers deserve fun Christmas gifts, too. Sure, PC gaming allows more customizability, aside from the ability to modify the games they play. Still, even console gamers can have a more intimate and personalized experience with their setups. This Razr RGB gaming console controller will be a fun way to add more joy to the gameplay. Although this controller was made for the most recent Xbox console release, the Playstation players will not be left out, thanks to many brands catering to their RGB needs, too.

Angled Laptop Stand

Suppose you or somebody you know mainly works on their handy laptops. In that case, this is a smart gift option for them as this gift will angle their laptop to support their wrists so they can get to their keys on the keyboard ergonomically. It can even help them angle their eyes to the screen, instantly improving posture without strain. All these qualities will benefit your gift recipient and is an inexpensive gift idea if you’ve got other mandatory gift exchanges. This gift is simple, affordable, and unisex.

Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

If you know someone who likes to make sure their space is clean for their children or pets, then an air purifier is a useful gift to get them this Christmas. This may be a more intimate gift choice as this is a lot pricier than most of the stuff on this list, but it is one someone special to you will surely appreciate. Air purifiers minimize the accruing of dust and molds, making sure the air you breathe while you sleep is cleaner than most. These air purifiers come in all sizes and prices. You can have a full-size one for the living room or even a smaller one that can be kept in the kids’ rooms. Gift someone an air purifier and support their overall health.

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