20 Of The Best Thanksgiving Gifts (If you forgot!)

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Before you know it we’ll be clearing away the candy wrappers and Jack-o-lanterns from Halloween and thinking about turkey and pie. It is a good idea to take a gift, whether visiting family out of town for the weekend or going to dinner at a friend’s house.

But what should you choose to show how thankful you are for those kind hosts?

Here are some top Thanksgiving gift ideas to help you out.

20 of the best Thanksgiving gifts.

There are 20 gifts here, separated by theme. They are meaningful Thanksgiving gifts, pumpkin spice-related items, cozy gifts for fall, gifts for kids, and novelty items. Hopefully, you can find something to suit your recipients. The items are affordable and fun with different ways of expressing your thanks.

The best meaningful Thanksgiving gifts for loved ones.

Let’s start with a common option when visiting relatives for the Thanksgiving weekend. It is a great idea to get something sentimental, to literally give thanks for all they have done. There are some great items for mothers, fathers, and more. This year, these sorts of items can be even more important as we’ve struggled to see each other as much as we would normally.

1) Blue Leaves Gifts for Mom Makeup Bag

Price: $10.99

This first option is a great gift for a mother or mother figure in your life. The sentimental message is classic and poignant in a world where families have dealt with more long-distance relationships. It reads, “Mothers and daughters never truly part. Maybe in distance, but never in heart”.

The bonus here is that you have a practical item rather than an ornament. The 9 by 7 inch make-up bag is 100% waterproof with a secure black zipper to secure cosmetics and skincare items. Parents can use it every morning and start their day knowing that you are thinking of them.

2) SOUHONEY Mother in Law Gifts from Daughter in Law Wooden Hearts Plaque

Price: $10.99

This next gift is a little more traditional as a wooden ornament rather than a practical item. It can sit on a mantlepiece or windowsill and remind the recipient of the Thanksgiving weekend. It is also nice to have something for mothers-in-law to celebrate that bond.

The plaque is made from sustainable wood with some nice cut-outs and text. It reads, “To my special mother-in-law. Thank you for all you have done for us.” It is also a good size at 5.91 by 6.2 inches. Not too small but not so big that it can’t find a home. It might not have the same practical edge as the make-up bag, but the thought is still there.

3) KPP Pocket Watch with Special Engraved Lettering

Price: $29.99

Fathers don’t have to be left out of the gift-giving during Thanksgiving celebrations. This engraved pocket watch is covered in text celebrating the father-daughter relationship. It could prove to be a sentimental piece that is treasured and used for years to come.

The watch is made from a durable zinc alloy with rust resistance. The tone and design with the dark metal and contrasting text are attractive but masculine. It also comes with its own little jewelry gift box and a metal chain to make it more special. The chain also means that fathers can wear the watch with added security so it doesn’t just become a decorative item.

4) JJIA Best Friend Keychain Gifts


Alternatively, you may decide to get a sentimental Thanksgiving gift for a close friend. Maybe you aren’t spending the holiday with your biological family and prefer the idea of celebrating with your chosen family. Even if you are just meeting up for drinks, a little token can go a long way. A little engraved keychain is a perfect choice.

The wording here is familiar as it is probably mass-produced in different pieces. It says, “Friends never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart” Still, the meaning is there and close friends can carry it with them at all times. It is also nice that there are two matching chains, so you can keep the second. The quality stainless steel gift also comes with a velvet bag for protection.

The best pumpkin spice Thanksgiving food gifts.

Food-themed thanksgiving gifts are a good idea for either for loved ones at home or to take as a guest at someone else’s home. But, lots of people will bring cookies, dried fruit, and wine. Instead, you could embrace someone’s love for pumpkin spice with a fun novelty gift that isn’t as intrusive as a massive gift basket. Tea, coffee, candles, soap, and more are all available.

1) REPUBLIC OF TEA Pumpkin Spice

Price: $12.50

A tube of teabags may seem like a simple gift for Thanksgiving, but it could mean a lot to the right person. Is there someone in your life that has been there for you over a cup of tea a lot this year? Did your bond grow as you tried new teas and took a break from the world? A small gift like this as a thank you could brighten their day and make your next catch-up more special.

This is a great blend of botanical flavors in a high-quality tea. The black tea base has notes of pumpkin with ginger and a range of other spices. There are also some blackberry leaves in there. Also, with 50 in a tube, it should last a long time.

2) Paramount Roasters Coffee Pumpkin Pie Flavored Ground Coffee 

Price: $10.29

If you and your friends are more into coffee than tea, you might prefer to gift a bag of ground coffee. Again, it is a small gesture to bring some extra coziness to a coffee date. You could brew it at their home over Thanksgiving weekend or make it to go as you enjoy a relaxing walk kicking up the fallen leaves.

This is 100% Arabica coffee with pumpkin spice flavoring with 12 oz per bag. Be aware that this is a caffeinated blend and a good scoop will perk you up on a November afternoon. It is also a seasonal item so a great novelty.

3) Bath and Body Works 2 Pack Pumpkin Cupcakes Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. 

Price: $23.70

Bath and Body Works always knows how to throw lots of nostalgic scents into their products. These small bottles of foaming soap are great gifts for family coming to stay for the holidays. You can set up a bottle in the guest bathroom for a seasonal scent and leave one spare for them to take home with them. Or, you may just have a friend that has been dropping hints about running out of their latest scent.

Pumpkin cupcake takes the pumpkin spice theme in a slightly sweeter direction. It is a great twist on the baked goods scents for the season. The pump action is also user-friendly and hygienic for those that don’t like using soap bars.

4) Plantlife Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy Herbal Soap 

Price: $7.30

Bath and Body Works soap isn’t the cheapest around and may be more than you are willing to spend on some people. This alternative pumpkin spice soap could be a better choice for friends and family when working on a tighter budget. It is also good for those that prefer eco-friendly bars to plastic bottles of foaming soap.

This soap is not only made with natural ingredients but also vegan and cruelty-free. All bars are handmade in the USA, so there are no unnecessary air miles, and you get 4 oz. This should provide a great experience and fall scent for the rest of the year.

The best cozy thanksgiving gifts.

The fall season is a great time to update your wardrobe or home décor to make it a little cozier and maybe bring in some hygge aesthetics. It is even nicer if you can give an item to a friend or relation that they will use regularly over the season. Give someone the gift of a warm scarf, cushions, or other items to brighten up the home and bring memories.

1) Nefilibata Fall Stemless Wine Glasses 

Price: $19.99

Stemless wine glasses are a great gift for all kinds of recipients. You can take them to a family gathering as a thank you or maybe gift them to a beloved drinking buddy. The stemless design makes them easy to use and also doubles up as a candle holder where preferable. So, if you forget that a friend’s partner doesn’t drink, there is a plan B.

The designs on these little 20oz glasses are adorable for the season with high-end paintwork and great color choices. One says, “Happy Fall Y’all”, while the other says “Hello Pumpkin” with a pumpkin design. Whatever people use them for, they are beautiful when out on show and should be durable enough to last for many Thanksgivings to come.

2) VIVIAN & VINCENT Women’s Plaid Blanket Winter Scarf 

Price: $12.95

We all have friends or relations that can’t have too many scarves in their wardrobe. The chilly evenings around Thanksgiving need something cozy and festive. This option is great because it works double-duty. It can be an oversized scarf or a small blanket. Recipients should, therefore, get double the pleasure from it.

This affordable 55 by 55 inch scarf is 100% acrylic and machine washable, just in case they spill any takeaway pumpkin spice coffee on it. The plaid pattern is perfect for the time of year and comes in a few color choices. You just have to figure out which suits their style best.

3) WISHDIAM 4Pcs of Thanksgiving Plush Gnomes 

Price: $17.97

This next choice is something completely different and possibly for a more acquired taste. However, the Scandinavian origin and cute designs mean that these little figures could fit nicely into a hygge aesthetic at home. So, if you have a friend keen on the trend, with a love of quirky creatures, or perhaps with Scandinavian heritage, this could be a great option.

The idea here is that families can lay a Swedish elf gnome on the table to bring good luck on Thanksgiving. This set of cute little figures could add a quirky edge to the dinner table during a Thanksgiving meal and bless the home for the rest of the season. They could welcome guests from the window or find a home pretty much anywhere. They are also not as in-your-face as a turkey plush where they can’t stay out past December 10th.

4) Mimacoo Happy Fall Decorative Throw Pillow Cover 

Price: $12.99

If gnomes are a little too quirky for home decor – especially when visiting older relatives or in-laws – maybe a cushion cover would be better. A good throw pillow can brighten a living space and your in-laws may appreciate this thoughtful gift. It may also be a good gift for friends struggling to furnish a new apartment right now.

There is a nice blend of designs here with the pumpkins, old-fashioned truck, and some Buffalo check elements. The tones are also perfect for fall. Each cushion cover in this set of four is 16 by 16 Inches, so should fit over many standard throw pillows. They are also a soft blend of cotton and linen so should feel good against the skin.

The best Thanksgiving gifts for kids.

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday for kids. They are expected to be on their best behavior at a relation’s house for maybe the whole weekend. Some small kid-friendly thanksgiving gifts can help them have fun and alleviate the boredom between meals and movies.

1) Genius Baby Toys Baby’s My First Thanksgiving Fill and Spill Toy Playset 

Price: $24.95

The youngest member of the family should have as much fun as the eldest. Perhaps this is the first time seeing a new niece or nephew at a family gathering? A baby toy always goes down well but a Thanksgiving-themed baby toy is on a different level.

There are four toys in this bag that you can spill out onto the floor and explore together. The four characters all relate nicely to the holiday, with Tom Turkey, Pilgrim Teddy, a Native American girl, and a Pumpkin Pie. Each toy is cute and colorful with an interesting sound or texture, such as crinkling, rattling, and squeaking.

2) Thanksgiving Activity Book For Kids Ages 4-8 

Price: $6.95

Kids that are a little older will appreciate the chance to take part in activities that aren’t “helping” with meal prep. An activity book is great for those older nieces and nephews that may get frustrated in grandma’s house by mid-afternoon.

This book has a nice range of age-appropriate activities that will kill time without being too difficult. Kids can work through it over the holiday and keep it as a memento. There are I-Spy, Word Search, Maze, and Dot-To-Dot puzzles as well as coloring pages. As this is an affordable solution for boredom, you might want to get a couple for siblings that don’t want to share.

3) Vinyl Etchings Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Kits

Price: $9.99

An alternative option for amusing the kids over the Thanksgiving weekend is to get a craft kit. This can be more beneficial as you get some nice decorations at the end to use in the dining room. You can also use the time building the turkeys to bond with relatives you haven’t seen for a while.

There are three craft projects in this set, which could allow for three smaller sessions over the holiday. All kids need to do is detach the pieces, assemble them correctly with tape to form the turkey characters, and then hang them up for all to enjoy. The quality card means they should last for a while too.

4) Anton Publications Thanksgiving Charades Game 

Price: $17.99

This final kids’ Thanksgiving gift will divide opinion. To be fair, the grown-ups may end up playing this more than the kids. But, it is still a nice novelty game for the whole family. It is a great gift to take to big family gatherings where teams of players can get involved.

The concept of the game is just like a normal game of charades. The difference is that the terms and phrases on the cards all relate to the holiday in some form. While some of the cards are trickier than others, it all leads to a nice competitive activity.

The best novelty Thanksgiving gifts.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with a little novelty gift, or something a little kitch. It may only be used for the weekend or just a day, but it can bring joy to someone. It could be a silly wearable item, something for the dining table, or a decoration.

1) PresttigueHaus Turkey Thanksgiving Wine Stopper 

Price: $10.99

First up, we have a novelty Thanksgiving gift that is sure to make people smile when they receive it. Wine bottle stoppers are a great gift for parents and in-laws when you know everyone else will have thought to bring wine instead. Or, you could take this to a friend’s house with a bottle of wine to make their first hosted Thanksgiving more special.

This artisan-made wine bottle stopper takes the form of a cute little 4-inch tall turkey. It seems to be based on the classic Tom Turkey with the little Pilgram hat and fantail behind him. It is slightly abstract but the light shining through the colored glass makes this an attractive little keepsake.

2) GMOEGEFT Thanksgiving Turkey Plush Figurine 

Price: $15.69

Another turkey-based option for the dinner table is this plush figurine. This is a great joke gift for hosts and will sit nicely in a kitchen encouraging cooks as they create Thanksgiving dinner. It is less suitable for vegetarians when you see the text.

This is a high-quality item that will look good sat anywhere on show over the Thanksgiving weekend. The felt body is a good size and filled with both cotton and sand. The sand adds weight so it sits up nicely on its own like a paperweight plush. The front of this cute character says ”pour some gravy on me” – a reference that may go over younger heads.

3) Turnmeon 2 Pack Thanksgiving Party Turkey Hat 

Price: $18.99

Wearable items are a Thanksgiving gift that will either be appreciated or go down like a lead balloon. You need to know your audience. A pair of hats like this may be better for younger couples hosting their first Thanksgiving than for the more civilized family reunion.

Either way, these hats are certainly a lot of fun. They are quite large with all the appropriate Turkey features, such as a big fantail at the back. They are bold, colorful, and potentially quite comfortable to wear across the day. They are one-size-fits-all, however, so may not stay in place after a couple of glasses of wine.

4) HBlife 6 Ft Thanksgiving Decorations Inflatable Turkey, Blow up Turkey Decoration with LED Light 

Price: $35.99

Last, but definitely not least, we have the biggest and most extravagant of all the gifts in this guide. Again, you need to be sure of your recipient here. Parents that cover the lawn in decorations at Christmas could adore a Thanksgiving inflatable too. Others may curse you for increasing their energy bills.

Assuming your parents will love the concept, this massive 6ft inflatable turkey could be just what they need. He is made from thick polyester that is waterproof, fade-resistant, and durable. The built-in fan lets him inflate within minutes. you also get the charger, a sandbag, ropes, and stakes for security.

Finding the best Thanksgiving gifts for your family.

In short, there is a lot of choices out there in a range of categories. You could go for something traditional with food or a novelty item, or you could think outside the box a little bit. The main thing is that it expresses your appreciation and thanks for that person and brightens their holiday.

If you haven’t found what you want here, you may be interested in taking a look at our list of Christmas Gifts for Men

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