American Made Axes

american made axes
There are several very different purposes why you may be using your American Made Axe. It could be that you are:
  • using your axe to cut logs at home
  • cutting wood at a campsite
  • in a more professional capacity, such as a firefighter
What is very important in all cases, is that you are using a tool that you can rely on in all situations. It could be that the quality of your axe will literally be the difference between life and death.

Why buy an axe made in the USA?

When you buy any axe, it is made up of a number of different parts. In addition, there is the overall build. You want to be certain that all of the multiple parts and the overall build comply with very high standards. Only if you buy an axe manufactured in the United States can you be 100% certain that the whole axe contains quality materials that are certified to come from where they say.

Why is the quality of an axe so critical?

There are many products which are important to you. However, most aren’t important to your overall safety and can make the difference between life and death. Buying an axe is a critical decision. If you buy an axe that falls apart when you use it under physical pressure then this could literally threaten your life. By buying an American-made axe, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality.

Quality Materials when buying an American Made Axe

Axe Blade

America produces some of the highest-quality steel in the world. The USA has a long history in the production of steel. When manufacturing an axe it is very important that the best quality steel is used for the blade of your axe.

Axe Handle

The handle of your axe is just as important as the blade. Whenever you use an axe, it comes under an incredible amount of pressure. You want to be certain that your axe handle can stand that. By using the highest quality materials, an axe handle that is made in the USA will have both an excellent grip and also very high-quality materials in the handle.

Council Tool Axes

One of the most popular and famous brands of axes that is made in America is Council Tool. They are known to make extremely high-quality American-Made axes and have been manufacturing since the 19th Century. Council Tool has been certified and approved by the Forestry Service to manufacture fire-fighting tools. Council Tool guarantees that everything that goes into manufacturing their axes is sourced and grown in America. In addition, their axes are assembled in North Carolina.

Why Buy American

Apart from buying an American Made Axe to ensure a high-quality product, there are also many other reasons. When you buy American products, you have a guarantee that you know the source of all of the materials that are being used, and perhaps more importantly, you are supporting the United States economy and workers.

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  1. I own several ‘American Made’ axes as I always try to support American products and I even own the Council Tool Hudson Bay camp axe. I also own a few foreign made, German and Swedish, axes and hatchets. Which one is best? Hard decision, but when I go ‘roughing it’, I always seem to pick one of my Swedish made axes or hatchets. Why? They are excellent and they are somewhat easier to sharpen out in the field. I prefer to buy American and the American made axes/hatchets I own ‘are’ excellent, but out in the field I need something a little easier to sharpen.

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