American Made Coolers


What’s more American…



…the kids’ baseball tournament?


…the beach?

For any of these great trips, you need a cooler. If it’s a big occasion, you may need more than one cooler.

There are a surprising and growing number of American cooler companies with models and specs to meet any need and use.

It’s easy to shop American for exactly what you have in mind.

You’ll buy from a company that knows exactly what a cooler’s got to do on an American beach trip, hunting excursion, camping adventure, or a whole week of the hot sun at ballfields. You can customize a ton when it comes to coolers. If you’re buying an American cooler from an America Manufacturer, customer support will be easier and quicker.

American-made coolers are great for keeping beer chilled.

Cooler Size

Most American manufacturers make coolers of all possible sizes. Sometimes you need a light cooler, easy to carry around or strapped to a bike or backpack. Sometimes you need a large, durable, and insulated cooler to work for a week or more.

Cordova Outdoors, in Cordova, Alaska, produces USA-Made hard-sided coolers from 20 quarts to 128 quarts.

Grizzly, from Deborah, Iowa, has coolers ranging from 15-400 quarts.

Orca, in Nashville, Tennessee, and Streetsboro, Ohio, has sizes ranging from 20 to 140 quarts.

Going the Distance

If you depend on the lifespan of your cooler on a major camping, hunting, or other adventure, you will care a great deal about everything inside, staying cold and safe for seven days or longer.

Pelican, with its HQ in California and plants in Minnesota and Massachusetts, is durable inside and out, with the ability to keep frozen for at least 10 days.

Cabela’s, the well-known outdoors and sports store, has its own line manufactured in Nebraska. The Polar Cap Equalizer is guaranteed to keep ice as ice for 12 days.

Special Specifics

Image of American Cooler
US Made Cooler made to carry by 2 people

Everyone’s needs are different. If you’re getting a cooler that’s good for a bunch of Gatorades for the softball squad on a 95-degree day, the traditional and highly dependable Igloo and Coleman coolers are made in the USA.

Coleman is made in Wichita, Kansas.

Igloo’s HQ is in Katy, Texas.

Orion coolers, by Jackson Kayaks in Tennessee, have models and add-ons such as fishing rod holders, no-slip bases, and kitchen accessories.

RovR coolers from Boulder, Colorado, are advertised as “bear-proof.” Whether you want to test that is up to you! It has neat options to add, such as a bike attachment so it can be towed behind a bike and a fold-out table/cutting board.

As American as…

cooler on back of bicycle
Some coolers are manufactured to be transported on the back of a bicycle.

Ice boxes have been built and used in the U.S. since shortly after our nation’s independence. Styrofoam-lined boxes for keeping supplies cool were first used during World War II. Richard Laramy, in Joilet, Illinois, invented the “portable ice chest” in 1951 and got it patented in 1953. The science is still pretty similar a few generations later, but the options and uses keep growing.

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