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Why Buy American-Made Dog Food?

You may have seen the recent push on social media towards American-made dog and cat food brands. Pet parents aren’t just being overly cautious– there has been a number of recalls due to pet illness and contamination from internationally produced pet foods.

In addition, pet parents have moved towards buying food with fresher ingredients that ensure maximum nutrient availability, which is difficult for international brands to do given the distance. Still, not all American-made dog food is the same. Some are manufactured or packaged in America but use foreign ingredients.

This food gets away with “Made in the USA” labels, but the only thing that’s genuinely American-made is the package itself.

True American-made dog food is made using meat, wheat, and other ingredients grown and raised in the states. Some brands will use US-sourced wheat products but not beef or poultry due to cost. In dog food, beef and chicken are typically the number one ingredient and the most important to remain fresh.

Buying fully American made dog food will ensure that your pet food is safe, fresh, and has the maximum amount of nutrients available for your furry friend.

American Made Dog Food Options

There are several fantastic American made dog food brands on the market. Some of these brands are small-scale, making everything in small batches and taking great care to source their proteins and grains. Other brands can be found at your local pet shop, among household names.

One brand that falls between these two poles is the brand Gentle Giants. Gentle Giants dog food is beloved for its colorful, intricate packaging featuring testimonials from its many long-living customers. Gentle Giants is 100% made in the USA using all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs alike. This family-owned and operated company can be found at your local Target.

You’d be surprised at the number of USA-made brands you can find at box stores. Two other dog foods made in the USA include Purina Pro Plan and Blue Buffalo. Both of these brands can be found in any major store and feature USA ingredients.

Still, smaller brands have their benefit. Ollie is a brand that you can only buy online. However, its USA ingredients are so fresh they’re even fit for human consumption. The Farmer’s Dog is another up-and-coming brand that features fresh, human-grade ingredients. Their ingredients are all sourced from farms across the USA and are even made in USDA-certified kitchens.

The Pet Parents Have Spoken

The dog food industry is reaching new heights in America. In 2022, the amount Americans spent on dog food amounted to just shy of $6 billion, a record number. As Americans focus more on their pets’ health and wellness, the market is seeing a profound shift to made-in-the-USA pet foods for dogs and cats alike.

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