American Made Flashlights


Why choose American flashlights?

When looking for the best quality flashlight, it makes sense to look for flashlights made in the USA. Although it is hard to find a flashlight that doesn’t outsource some aspects of its production abroad, the best-performing flashlights use American LED lights and are designed with the US market in mind.

Flashlight’s Beam and LED Technology

A flashlight’s beam is its biggest selling point, and LED lights (as opposed to incandescent bulbs) have a higher max output and a wider and more even beam. The USA is a leader in LED technology, with government incentives that actively encourage using LEDs to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and cut electricity costs. For this reason, the USA can offer high quality LED lights for lower prices.

A Flashlight’s Durability

Aside from a strong beam, the next thing to look for in a flashlight is durability and tactical performance. Many US-made flashlights are military-grade, which means they are weather-resistant, built to absorb impact, and protected against corrosion. Opting for a flashlight that was not made in the USA can be cheaper. However, the levels of quality control in overseas factories can mean that the low-standard soldering makes the flashlight harder to use and less likely to stand the test of time.

Where to find American flashlights?

When opting for a USA-made flashlight rather than a cheaper, mass-produced one, you will soon notice that many companies with factories in the US strive to use exclusively US-sourced materials in their production. One exception to this is using microchips, as almost all of the world’s microchips are made overseas. As long as your flashlight is made of materials that are 90% American-sourced, you can be assured that it will be a high-quality product.

Maglite American Flashlights

One of the biggest names on the flashlight market and a brand that has a US-based production line is Maglite. Maglite offers a wide range of flashlights to suit a variety of uses, and every model is made exclusively at its California factory. Not only do Maglite’s flashlights stand up to federal standards, but they also adhere to the state of California’s strict “made in the USA” laws. Thus, one tiny microchip is the only aspect of these flashlights that is not American.

Princeton Tec

Another great US-based flashlight brand is Princeton Tec, based in New Jersey. Princeton Tec is a great choice for those looking for a high-performance flashlight, especially one that can perform underwater. Princeton Tec began life as an underwater stopwatch company in the 70s, and they have been manufacturing underwater flashlights since the 80s.

Phantom Products

Those looking for US-made military flashlights or flashlights attached to vehicles and equipment may want to look at Phantom Products’ range.

HDS Systems

Those needing a flashlight with caving capabilities should head to the smaller, more specialized brand – HDS Systems.

Ensuring Your Flashlight Really is American Made

The flashlight is an American invention, and the first model was made in New York by David Misel in 1899. In your search for USA-made flashlights, you may encounter some brands that appear to be American. An example is Elite Tac, which has an American flag in its logo despite being a company based in China. Customers looking for reliable flashlights should beware of models made in China. China-made LEDs are not always safe to use due to cheaper capacitors that can overheat and lead a bulb to burn out.

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