American Made Hiking Boots

Why choose American hiking boots?

Despite the fact that a large amount of sportswear brands and hiking specific brands hail from the USA, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of hiking boots available on the market are not made in America.

With lower quality control, cheaper minimum wage laws, and minimal trading standards – it’s become more profitable for many brands to get their products made overseas. However, when you opt for products made by low paid workers in unsafe factories instead of those made with care and attention in the United States, you know you’ll be receiving a low quality product – which is especially problematic when it comes to a product like hiking boots.

When looking for the right pair of hiking boots, you’re no doubt looking for support and durability that will keep your feet comfortable on long and challenging trails. You will also want them to have significant waterproofing qualities that will keep your feet dry and healthy whatever the weather. This calls for high quality materials like leather and rubber – both of which can be sourced on American soil.

You will also want your boots to have a water-tight design that delivers maximum support. Hiking is an American tradition thanks to the country’s great national parks and nation-wide trails – so Americans know a lot about designing hiking boots and the US is home to some of the highest quality boot brands in the industry.

Where to find American hiking boots?

Although most hiking boots are now made overseas, there are still a handful of US brands keeping the spirit of American hiking alive with their stylish and functional designs. These brands source almost all of their materials in the USA, so you can be rest assured that your leather comes from American cows and your rubber soles (whether synthetic or natural) are developed on home turf.

For those who have a penchant for the classic hiking boot look, Danner Light II hiking boots boast a timeless brown leather design that is designed to resist stains and scuffs – which is ideal for muddy terrain. Another classic hiking boots, and one that has truly stood the test of time, is the Original L.L.Bean Boot. This boot has been a mainstay ever since its birth in 1912 in Maine, with a weather-proof Gore-Tex lining and a layer of Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm.

If you’re seeking a more modern look, you can’t beat KEEN Durand for dependable support from its innovative rubber and PU sole. While the Thorogood OMNI series boots offer the perfect medium between traditional and modern styles. The American heritage brand has been operating since 1892, and their newer boots combine full-grain leather with a Lug outsole that grips like claws on any terrain.

It is estimated that the US has over 21,000 miles of national hiking trails, and it is often rated in the top countries in the world for hiking. Therefore, we can safely assume that the US knows a thing or two about the sport, and it makes sense to opt for expertly crafted US-made hiking boots instead of those made cheaply abroad.

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