American Made Running Shoes


Why choose American running shoes?

Although US brands like Nike dominate the sneaker market, most running shoes are made overseas and fail to use American materials.

This is because big sportswear companies outsource their production lines to countries like China and India to reduce their overheads and make more profit.

runner lacing sneakers
Most running shoes are not made in America.

However, with cheaper production comes lower levels of quality, and runners often end up with running shoes that do not withstand their training sessions.

When you buy running shoes made in the United States, you have the peace of mind that your shoes were crafted by skilled workers who are paid over minimum wage.

American Made Materials

Furthermore, when you buy shoes made in the US, they are also likely to be made with American materials. For instance, China dominates the world’s leather market – producing 25% of the world’s leather compared to America’s 3%.

Yet, USA-made sneakers will likely be made with high-quality American leather from cows reared on home soil.

The USA is also a leader in the world’s rubber production, producing around 32 million metric tons annually – two-thirds of which are synthetic.

This makes the USA one of the few remaining countries to produce non-synthetic rubber, which, when used in running shoes, can lead to more bounce and sole resilience.

running man
Paying more for US-manufactured sneakers can mean getting a higher-quality product.

Where to find American running shoes?

Opting for US-made running shoes assures a higher quality and longer-lasting product, which can often mean that they come at a higher price point.

However, some of the top US running shoe brands offer sneakers for various prices – without compromising on quality.

One of the oldest and most established US running shoe brands is San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS). With running sneakers available from $180 and based in Texas, San Antonio handcraft its range of athletic, every day, and occasion shoes out of exclusively American materials.

Another great US brand is Carson Footwear, with purpose-made shoes designed for a comfortable running performance. The shoes are manufactured using American leather and rubber, maintaining a minimalist design that focuses on a lightweight, barefoot feel.

As for the bigger athletic footwear brands, few left continue to produce their products in the US.

sole of a foot.
The American running shoe market is huge and predicted only to get bigger.

One exception to this is New Balance, one of the largest sportswear companies in the world. Not all of their sneakers are made in the US, but their “Made Collection” is mainly made up of shoe models exclusively made in the USA.

Growth of the US Running Shoes Market

The US athletic footwear industry is one of the biggest in the world, with a value of 13.3 billion US dollars in 2021.

This market is only expected to grow over the coming years, as it is estimated to rise by 18 million dollars in 2026. When buying running shoes, Americans are showing no signs of slowing down.

So it makes sense to invest in American-made products that use the highest quality American materials and are built to last.


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