American Made Sunglasses

american made sunglasses

Why buy American-made sunglasses?

There are two main reasons to buy sunglasses that are made in America. The first is that you hope to get higher quality than those mass-produced in other countries. The second is to support the United States economy.

Why are US-Produced sunglasses likely to be higher quality?

When something is produced in America, there are extremely strict safety standards which must be followed.
If possible, buy sunglasses that are made in America.
These standards dictate both rules for the factory and also how the workers are protected. If sunglasses are made in the USA, then they will also have to meet a certain standard in the manufacturing materials.

Which brands of sunglasses are American Made?

One way to ensure that you are getting higher quality sunglasses made in America is to buy sunglasses that are not plastic. They are likely to be expensive but also better for the environment.
The majority of sunglasses that you will buy in America will be made in China. This is a problem as they will likely not be of a high standard. In addition, there will probably be environmental issues attached. Here are some made-in-America sunglasses:


Although not all Oakley brand sunglasses are made in the USA, some models are. When you are buying Oakley sunglasses, be careful to check the packaging carefully so that you know the country of the manufacturer.

Randolph Engineering

Randolph generally makes sunglasses to order. What this means is that you will need to order the exact sunglasses you want and they will be prepared for you. There is no guarantee that each component will be sourced from the United States. However, they will be assembled in the United States and use American-sourced parts where possible.

Capital Eyewear

Capital Eyewear is based in California, America. They avoid using plastic but opt for wood. What this means, is that not only do you get a higher quality product, but also avoid using cheap plastic which ultimately will lead to pollution.

Frames and Lenses Made in the USA

When purchasing sunglasses, it is important to remember that the frames and lenses may be made in different places. There are often cases where the frames are made in America, but the lenses are sourced from other countries such as China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

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