American Made Toys

Why Buy American-Made Toys?

One of the greatest benefits of buying toys that are made and shipped right within the USA is you can have greater confidence in the materials used to make them. In the 20th century, the toy industry went through a series of push-backs from parents and lawmakers regarding the presence of lead in toys. Lead was frequently used in the casting and painting of toys due to its long-lasting, durable nature. While legislation introduced in the US ended this practice, it continued elsewhere in international factories. Americans began to see recalls of foreign-made toys due to the discovery of lead by US officials. Other dangerous materials have been used in the production of toys abroad, resulting in similar outrage. When ingested by children, lead and other toxic materials can cause developmental and neurological setbacks, organ failure, and other potentially harmful effects. American-made toys are virtually immune to these problems due to strict regulation from government officials. Therefore, buying American-made toys can give you peace of mind when purchasing items for your child.

American-Made Toys Options

Some of the most prominent household names are still designed, manufactured, and shipped within the USA. One of these brands is Little Tikes. Known for their selection of playhouses, kitchens, and cars, their products are all made in Ohio, USA. Another well-known brand manufactured in the US is Step2. Step2 makes a number of outdoor play equipment and plastic-based toys. It’s unclear whether the plastics and other materials used to make their toys are US based. They carry many products and even produce mailboxes and other resin items for hardware stores. A lesser-known brand that is centered around products made in the US is Vermont Teddy Bear. Each teddy bear has eyes that say, “Born in Vermont.” Traditionally, these bears were made using fabric and stuffing sourced from the US. However, due to price constraints, many of their bears are now made using materials produced abroad but still assembled in Vermont at their factory. While these materials aren’t 100% from the US, the company did go out of its way to ensure the same quality and safety as its US materials. Crayola is another traditionally American-made brand that has taken steps away from making US products. The company has a factory in Pennsylvania but has recently outsourced many of its larger products to Mexico. Still, most of their fan-favorite crayons are made in the US, and they always use non-toxic materials, just in case your little one tries to eat them!

The Impact of Toys

Most toys today are produced using plastic, yet aren’t able to be recycled by most local recycling centers or plants. It’s estimated that 12.7 million tons of plastic feed into our oceans yearly, and much of this is discarded or broken toys. To combat this negative environmental effect, some USA-made brands like Green Toys started making their products using recycled milk jugs. Other brands use sustainably sourced wood, biodegrading faster than plastics, which may take up to a million years before decomposing.

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