American Made Water Bottles


Rising Popularity in the United States of Water Bottles

There has been a decline of drinking fountains in the US for the past few decades, especially since hygiene concerns with covid.

Reusable water bottles have become the norm for most people who work, go to school, exercise, and just about anyone who needs to go out of the house.

Chinese Vs. American Water Bottles

It must be noted that 92.9% of reusable water bottles are manufactured in China, with only a small percentage of companies producing them in the United States.

Products made in the USA have been hailed as superior, but why?

Let’s dig deeper into the water bottle market and why US-made water bottles may be the superior option.

Why Water Bottles Made in the USA Are Superior

Water bottles come in contact with water, which is considered food by the US Food and Drug Administration. Because of this, companies must comply with a host of requirements to be able to sell water bottles to the US market.

FDA Approval
In order for a water bottle to be sold in America, it must be FDA Approved

A US-made water bottle must have an FDA-approval, making it a safe and high-quality product compared to water bottles imported from other countries.

Transparency from US Manufactured Water Bottles

One of the challenges when it comes to imported water bottles is the lack of transparency with some subcontractors, making it challenging for companies in the US to determine if their water bottles comply with stringent FDA standards.

The lack of material data may deem imported bottles risky in terms of the presence of restricted materials by the FDA.

Water bottles made in the USA with an FDA-approval label, however, guarantee you’re using a product that complies with the FDA and other governing bodies, such as the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.

FDA compliance regulations restrict certain materials and present a list of approved water bottle materials, which is revised each year.

3rd Party Lab Testing

Companies must also engage in 3rd party lab testing to ensure compliance.

Because of these restrictions, requirements, and compliance standards, customers can ensure water bottles made in US manufacturing facilities are safe and adhere to stringent standards.

They can also ensure that they meet the requirements of the cGMP, or current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Four Water Bottle Brands That are Made in the US

1. Nalgene Bottles

Nalgene Bottles pioneered the plastic bottle craze in the mid-200s when college students from all over America were seen carrying one around campuses all over the country.

But Nalgene’s popularity goes back to the 60s and 70s when their water bottles were used by backpackers who loved the bottle’s rigid, no-leak design made of nearly indestructible polyester plastic.

2. Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottles

Liberty Bottleworks water bottles made of aluminum are the only metal water bottles that are made in the US.

They offer a stainless steel water bottle, but it’s made in China. Their aluminum water bottles, however, are made entirely of 100% recycled aluminum sourced in the US, as well as all other materials used on the bottle, such as powder coating, ink, caps, and seals.

3. Polar Insulated Water Bottles

Producing insulated water bottles, Polar is a brand favored by athletes and active individuals.

Their water bottles are made of BPA and phthalate-free plastic that is squeezable for easy access and has a design and size that fits perfectly in a bike cage, making their bottles ideal for cyclists.

They also offer free replacement lids for a lifetime.

4. Platypus Water Bottles

Platypus produces collapsible water pouches made in Pennington, New Jersey.

The pouches are free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates and feature a tough threaded cup design.

The pouch is almost weightless when empty, making it the perfect water container companion for travelers, hikers, or backpackers.

Water Bottle as a US Status Symbol

Did you know that water bottles have become a form of a status symbol in the US?

Water bottles are becoming trendy in the country, with fashion houses crafting their designs featuring the rarest materials and water bottle technologies.

white, metal water bottle
The best US-made water bottles are made from metal.

Americans are heavy water drinkers, and it is no surprise that water bottles made in the USA are considered far superior to those manufactured in other countries.

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