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Last modified: January 11, 2023

Why Buy Made in America products?

Buying Made in America products helps the United States economy.

Every product that is made in America that you buy boosts the American economy by supporting the manufacturer who is manufacturing the goods within the United States. If you buy American, then you are positively helping the country.

made in america seal
An example of a Made in America seal of approval.

Domestic manufacturing provides jobs for American workers who then pay taxes to our government. It also protects American consumers knowing that they get high-quality products when they buy American goods.

A strong economy will help ensure that there are still jobs for our children and grandchildren.

In short, if you buy American products, you are helping the United States economy.

Made in america flag
Buying Made in America products can perk up the United States economy and support American workers.

Finding American-Made Products

There are very strict rules and guidelines that outline the manufacturing process for a company to claim that their product is Made in America.

Upholding the Made in USA Standard.

If a company claims that its product is manufactured in the United States but is not actually following the guidelines, then there are very strict financial penalties in place. This is to stop them from claiming that it is American Made when it isn’t.

If a company seems to be misleading consumers, such as by having a US flag or other typical American marks, it can violate the Made in USA standard.

There is a possibility that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will prosecute the company, which could lead to heavy fines and penalties.

What does the Made in USA standard entail?

The United States government is keen to ensure that the standards are upheld. Included within the guidelines are ways to ensure that the manufacturing process is friendly to the environment and protects workers’ rights.

It also examines the supply chain to make sure that the sources of the raw materials is ethical and environmentally friendly.

made in america barcode
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find American Made products. However, you will find a list of a few Made in America products below.

You can only be certain that the standards are up to the level of the United States government if the American Made product is manufactured in the United States.

The Fair Labor Standards Act

To claim the title of Made in America, the company has to recognize and uphold the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Fair Labor Standards Act ensures that an American Worker is treated fairly and given optimal working conditions by an American company. It means that they are paid according to the legal requirements and are given working hours that are fair according to the standards.

The Polls by Morning Consult show that Americans are happier to pay more for products made in the United States. This is because they know that the quality and standards are of a high level with domestic manufacturing. This is also because Americans quite rightly want to support the US economy.

How Effective is American Manufacturing in Buying American?

The latest figures show that over half of all products that are sold in America are American-made. Increasing this figure by buying American will help the United States economy and especially help small businesses.

Products made in America:

American Made Axes

American Made Sunglasses

American Made Coolers

American Made Running Shoes

American Made Water Bottles

American Made Flashlights

American Made Hiking Boots

American Made Sandals

American Made Dog Food

American Made Toys

American Made Free Weights

One Response

  1. Multiple problems with buying made in the USA:

    1) The vast majority of items made are JUNK (poor quality overall).
    2) ALL are overpriced. (Harley’s are a prime example)
    3) Enrichens the CEO’s but employees do not benefit.
    4) Too many ‘woke’ laws creating too many problems.
    5) Poor service and warranty issues.

    Those are off the top of my head. There are MANY more problems.

    There are many ways to help the economy such as eliminating all those regulations and woke laws.
    Lowering corporate taxes is a plus (but raise taxes on CEO’s compensation packages).

    There was a constitutional amendment back in the 1930’s that would have limited all wealth (compensation) to no more than $1 million.
    Had it passed, making more than that garnered a 100% tax on the overage.
    Had it passed, businesses would have every incentive to pay their employees more and hire more employees to avoid that tax.

    Since it did NOT pass, corporate greed has run amok.

    Nothing wrong with a fair profit but millions and billions in compensation is obscene. Especially when prices are exorbitant and employees need food stamps (Walmart, Military, similar).

    Another problem with buying made in the USA is that the healthcare costs are too high and that is built into the prices of goods and services. Why would anyone want to pay for someone else’s healthcare with high prices?

    Foreign companies (China and similar) do not have that theft scheme.

    Lastly, expanding our economy just gives governments more money and power over YOU via taxes and regulations.

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