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Are Brothels Legal in the United States?

sex worker

Prostitution laws in the United States are complex, with different laws relating to brothels, street prostitution, and escort services. These can also vary between both state laws and county restrictions. Because of this, brothels are currently only legal in select areas of Nevada.

What Did Julian Assange Do to the United States?

WikiLeaks website screenshot

Julian Assange has been indicted on 17 charges of espionage and one charge of computer misuse over the publication of thousands of military and diplomatic documents on Wikileaks that were leaked by whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Why Are Sawed-Off Shotguns Illegal?

sawed-off shotguns

A sawed-off shotgun is a shotgun with a short barrel. Whereas a standard shotgun will have a barrel length of about 24 to 32 inches, a sawed-off shotgun typically has a much shorter barrel at about 18 inches. The overall length of the shotgun will also be less than 26 inches.

What Is Tort Law in the United States?

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Tort law is a specific section or branch of law within the United States. This section of law deals with and adequately covers most civil litigation suits. 

What Is an Adjudicator?


An adjudicator presides over and offers judgment in a formal dispute. Their decisions are legally binding but may be appealed to a higher court. 

What Does Patent Pending Mean?

patent pending stamp

The term “patent pending” denotes a temporary status granted to a product or process in the preliminary stages of a full patent application.