Current Wyoming Gun Laws

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Wyoming is a state that has a long and proud history of upholding and protecting its citizens’ rights. As such, this brief overview will explore the current gun laws in Wyoming, including their scope and enforcement.

What Is Anecdotal Evidence?

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Making an argument or a case is a challenging task. It requires critical and rational thinking, patience, and knowledge of fallacies to avoid them. Anecdotal evidence is one of the most common fallacies. But what is anecdotal evidence, exactly?

How To Copyright Something

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A copyright is an exclusive right to an original piece of intellectual property. It’s a right that begins when the original work is fixed in one way or another. And it bestows upon the creator of the original work the right to reproduce, distribute, and transfer copyright ownership to another.

What Is a Police Citation?

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A citation is a written explanation that you have broken the law and must face the appropriate consequences. Usually, in the United States, people receive citations for breaking a traffic law. For instance, an officer could pull you over and issue you a citation if you failed to stop for a stop sign.

What Was the Indian Removal Act?

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The Indian Removal Act of 1830 remains one of the United States’ most controversial pieces of legislation. This act was responsible for the Trail of Tears, a forced removal of Native American people to a designated territory so that their land could be annexed into the United States. 

Is Weed Federally Legal?


The use and acceptance of marijuana have shifted significantly over the past couple of decades. It has gone from an illicit substance feared by parents and officials to something taken recreationally and even used medicinally for many ailments.