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Since August 2020, there is a new management team for as the old owner, unfortunately, passed away.

We intend to continue the incredible work that he has done and have already expanded the site to contain a lot more explanatory information about the US Constitution.

There is a strong ethos that any views expressed by the editorial team on this website are not biased. To promote that, we encourage you to leave comments or suggestions in the comment box on any page to give any other views.

There are three ways to contact us. The first is by using the form below. The second is by email webmaster (at) and the third is to leave a comment on the post that you are referring to.

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Leaving a comment is the best way to voice your opinion about the constitution or other matters. is happy to hear all views and discussions. All comments are moderated, although are not refused based on standpoint. We try to take an unbiased stance.

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