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Which President Died of Pneumonia?

Photo of the White House

The short answer is that William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia – or at least that’s what most history books say. The 9th President of the United States died shortly after taking office in 1841. The commonly told story is that he caught a cold at his inauguration, which developed into pneumonia, and he died. Yet, some wonder if there were other causes to blame. 

Are US Presidents Rich?

multiple presidents

The POTUS is typically seen as one of the most powerful people in the country, if not the world. So it should come as no surprise that they are often among the wealthiest individuals in America. What Do We Know About The Wealth Of US Presidents? Donald Trump had already made a fortune in real […]

Unitary Executive Theory

Photo of President Lyndon B. Johnson

Unitary executive theory is the concept that the president controls the entire executive branch of the American government. While people on the executive branch can advise presidents and criticize their decisions, they cannot overrule them. The cabinet help make executive decisions, but the president always has the final say.

How Many Presidents Have We Had?

President Jimmy Carter

As of 2022, the United States has had 46 presidents, with the first dating back to 1789. Each president is elected through the electoral college system, which entitles them to four years in office. Presidents may be elected twice. However, they cannot serve more than this due to the 22nd Amendment established in 1951, which states that a president is limited to just two terms.

All You Need to Know About Presidential Democracy

Photo of President Reagan

There are several types of democracies, and one of the most common is the presidential democracy. In this system, the citizens vote for a president who becomes the head of state. The person is often also the head of government, meaning they oversee its day-to-day operations.

List of Presidents in Order

List of Presidents

Here is a list of United States presidents in order starting with President George Washington and ending with President Joe Biden. Throughout American history, there have been 45 different United States Presidents, although there has been a change of president 46 times. This is because Grover Cleveland was President once and then stood again 4 […]