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What Is the Equal Protection Clause?

United States Constitution

The United States is a nation that prides itself on being a land of freedom and opportunity for all people. Yet, many times, minorities have had to fight for their rights. 

The Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment should allow for equality for all, so what is the Equal Protection Clause, and how has it helped Americans?

How To Cite an Amendment Using APA or MLA

Academic paper

One way you can cite an amendment is by using APA style formatting. APA stands for the American Psychological Association and is used when citing references for academic journals and reports.

What Was Prohibition?

Alcoholic drinks

The prohibition era was a period of 13 years in which the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol were forbidden in the United States. Those in favor of prohibition and the temperance movement wanted to improve society by prohibiting the supply of alcohol.

What Is Double Jeopardy?

Photo of a judge

Why Is the Double Jeopardy Clause Important? The double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment prevents the injustice of someone being tried more than once for the same crime. If a person is acquitted, they cannot be brought back into court to be tried again. Acquittals are final, and retrials after an acquittal are illegal. […]

Ratifying Constitutional Amendments

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There are two ways to ratify a constitutional amendment. The first way entails an amendment be approved by both houses of Congress. Then, the amendment is sent out to the states for approval. The second way is that an amendment gets approved by state legislatures. This is the short answer to this question, but ratifying an amendment is more complex.

How Many Amendments Does the Constitution Have?

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How Many US Constitutional Amendments are There? The authors of the United States Constitution wanted to create a document that would stand the test of time. Article V of the Constitution defines a procedure for modifying it. These modifications are called “amendments.” Since 1789, when the constitution became the law of the United States, the […]