The First Amendment Right of Freedom of the Press

First Amendment

Constitution Ratification Led to Implementing Freedoms When the delegates to the Constitutional Convention completed the US Constitution, they faced the difficult job of getting it ratified. Many state leaders were concerned that the Constitution did not include adequate freedoms. Without a guarantee of these freedoms, key leaders in the states threatened to work against ratifying […]

The Constitution – Defining the US Central Government

US Constitution PDF

In light of recent political developments, you might find yourself having a new, or renewed, interest in the structure and responsibilities of the US government. The US government is considered to be one of the forerunners of the modern democratic state and continues to be an emblem of political possibility relative to how government functions. […]

Free Speech and the First Amendment

First Amendment

An Overview The principle of free speech and freedom of the press is sacrosanct to most Americans. The first amendment to the US constitution is, arguably, the most discussed legal topic of all time. Yet, many questions have been raised, especially in recent times, as to whether the first amendment is actually working for the […]

Article 1 of the Constitution – Summary

Article 1 of the US Constitution details the legislative branch of the US Government – also known as Congress. Article 1 establishes that Congress makes laws for the US and consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Article 4 of the Constitution Summary

Article 4 describes the establishment of states and their relationship to each other. It also describes the interaction with the central federal government.

Article 7 of the Constitution Summary

Article 7 states that when 9 states approve of the Constitution in their conventions, then the Constitution shall be set up as the government for the states that have approved it.