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What Year Did Segregation End?

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Racial segregation through Jim Crow Laws is a dark point in American history that ended far too recently. The slaves were freed in 1873, yet black and white Americans were segregated in living memory. Why was there such a gap between emancipation and the end of segregation, and does any form of segregation still exist? […]

Who Assassinated Martin Luther King?

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On April 4th, 1968, civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis in one of a series of high-profile assassinations in the 1960s. While a conviction was made, there are still questions over who is truly responsible for the crime. Who killed Martin Luther King Jr., and is there any truth to the idea of a conspiracy?

What Does Habeas Corpus Mean?

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Habeas Corpus (Latin for ‘you have a body’) is an important right many probably haven’t heard of. Especially since it hasn’t been challenged in over twenty years, but it’s one of the more important rights that we have in America. 

What Are Unalienable Rights?

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Enshrined in the Declaration of Independence are a specific set of rights defined as unalienable. These are rights that, no matter what happens, may never be taken away from an individual. Accordingly, they are considered inherited by all people who live within the United States. 

What Does Liberty Mean?

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Liberty is considered the ability for anyone to do as they please. It is both a right and immunity that can be enjoyed by an individual either through prescription or granted by another, and it can be broken down into either negative liberty or positive liberty.

What Are Natural Rights?

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Natural rights are rights given to every single person in the world. These rights cannot be changed through legislation or due to cultural differences.