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What Did They Eat at the First Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving dinner

It’s taught in every American school that the Thanksgiving holiday we all know and love today was originally based on a festival that happened between the Wampanoag Native American Tribe and the pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. However, in 1621 it’s believed that the festival took place a little earlier in the year to celebrate the harvest.

What did the Pilgrims Eat at the First Thanksgiving?

Photo of Thanksgiving dinner

First Thanksgiving Feast The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days. The Pilgrims planned the gathering to celebrate their first successful fall harvest in the New World. About 50 colonists and 90 Native American men from the Wampanoag tribe attended this first feast. What was served at the first Thanksgiving? There is no historical record documenting […]