What Started the Vietnam War?

Vietnamese flag

The Vietnam War is widely considered one of the most controversial ever undertaken by the United States. The nation had formed an alliance with South Vietnam shortly after the Second World War and helped defend them against the threat from North Vietnam. Then, tensions developed into war in the 1950s, and America would later send in troops to fight for the South Vietnamese people. This continued until the United States pulled out in the 1970s, and the capital of South Vietnam finally fell.

When Was the Gettysburg Address?


The Gettysburg Address was a speech made by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War and delivered at the official dedication ceremony for the National Cemetery of Gettysburg held in Pennsylvania.

When Did the Vietnam War Start?

Vietnamese home on fire

The Vietnam War is famous for its length and the devastating loss of life on all sides. The United States found itself drawn into a conflict between North and South Vietnam during a time when the spread of communism became a significant fear for the west. It felt like a conflict that would never end as president after president took over command and determined the war’s course. 

Who Was Robert E. Lee?

Robert E. Lee statue

During the civil war, Robert E. Lee was the Confederacy’s most successful general, securing many victories against the Union. His efforts in the Eastern Theater, particularly in Northern Virginia, helped prolong the Confederate war effort, staving off several larger Union invasion forces.

What Is a Confederate?

The Confederate Flag

The Confederate States of America was established on February 8, 1861. It initially consisted of seven southern U.S. states but eventually grew to encompass a total of 11 states shortly thereafter.

What Was the Boston Massacre?

Statue of Paul Revere

Boston was an important city around the time of the American Revolution. Although small by today’s standards, there was a large population of patriot colonists growing tired of British rule and loyalists. One event that went down in history as a spark for the revolution was the Boston Massacre. What happened here, and why was it so influential?