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What Did the Pentagon Papers Reveal?

The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers consisted of a Department of Defense history of the political and military involvement of the United States in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. 

Why Did the United States Enter WW2?

WW2 troops

There were four main reasons why the United States ultimately chose to enter WW2 as an active combatant, as well as a multitude of contributing reasons which came together to spur the sleeping giant into action.

Why Did the United States Enter WWI?

WWI battle

When World War I broke out across Europe in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson, proclaimed American neutrality and was widely supported for doing so. However, public opinion in the United States changed after 128 American passengers lost their lives on the British ocean liner RMS Lusitania when a German U-boat sank it off the coast of Ireland in 1915.

Who Is America at War With Right Now?


America has seen its fair share of wars over the past centuries. The most famous include the War of Independence, World War I, and World War II, but many still remember the fighting and aftermath of the Korean War and Vietnam War. We tend to think of the conflicts in the Middle East as the last American wars, but who is America at war with right now?

Which American Revolutionary War Figure Was Executed by the British for Spying?

Union Jack

The American Revolutionary War was a topsy-turvy affair that hung in the balance for long periods of its duration from 1775 to 1783. Among a variety of other factors, including French interventionism and brilliant tactics from leaders like George Washington, the patriotic spy network overseen by George Washington was made up of many courageous individuals that put their lives on the line for the American revolutionary cause.

What Was the Zimmermann Telegram?

World War I trench

The Great War, or the First World War, raged for nearly three years before German aggression drew the United States into the conflict. The public yearned for peace and the country, led by President Woodrow Wilson, to remain isolated.