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Who Is America at War With Right Now?

The United States has been engaged in a global war on terror since 2001.

Is America Currently at War with Palestine? (2023)

As you are no doubt aware, there is currently a conflict going on in the Middle East.

After a surprise attack and massacre by Hamas on Saturday 7th October 2023, well over a thousand Israeli citizens have been murdered.

Find out more about the current Hamas and Israel Conflict

But where does America stand?

President Biden has made it very clear that his loyalties land with Israel.

He has given strong support to Israel in this conflict both by voicing it and also supplying weapons and other military aid to Israel.

However…although the United States is backing Israel against Hamas (and potentially Hezbollah), it is not their conflict.

America is not currently at war in Israel or Palestine. And is yet to be involved formally in the conflict.

Is America At War?

America has seen its fair share of wars over the centuries. The most famous include the War of Independence, World War I, and World War II, but many still remember the fighting and aftermath of the Korean War and Vietnam War.

The Three Major US Conflicts

As things stand, three conflicts are officially listed as having American involvement.

They are all part of a wider campaign against the same organizations to help restore peace in struggling areas.

1. Yemen

Yemen has been embroiled in a civil war since 2015.

Houthi rebels, with support from Iran, ousted the Yemeni government and took control of the capital city, Sana’a.

In response, Saudi Arabia, backed by the United States, launched a military intervention to restore the Yemeni government.


The consequences of this conflict have been catastrophic for Yemeni civilians, with many experiencing famine, disease, and displacement.

The US has been providing military and logistical support to Saudi Arabia, including weapons sales, refueling, and intelligence sharing.

Critics argue that US involvement has prolonged the conflict and contributed to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The US has also faced criticism for not doing enough to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for alleged war crimes and human rights abuses in Yemen.

The US has taken steps to reduce its involvement in the conflict.

President Biden announced in February 2021 that the US would no longer support offensive operations in Yemen and called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Despite this, the situation in Yemen remains complex and unresolved, leaving the country’s future and the lives of its people uncertain.

The war is controversial because of the support for the Saudi-led coalition in charge and the effect on the Yemeni people.

The United States has given the coalition arms and technical assistance and aided in drone strikes.

2. Somalia

Another ongoing conflict is the one in Somalia to provide intervention in the nation’s civil war.

The United States has helped with forces and drone strikes to target Islamic State and its allies.

This conflict saw the redeployment of troops to Somalia in 2022, having been originally withdrawn in January 2021.

Somali soldiers
Somali soldiers sit on a pick-up to patrol at the government of Bari administrative region in Bosaso, Somalia, 20 January 2009.

Historical Background

One of the most significant conflicts is the civil war that started in 1991, which led to the collapse of the central government and the emergence of various armed groups.

Rise of Extremist Groups

Since then, the country has been plagued by violence, including the rise of extremist groups such as Al-Shabaab, which has been active since 2006.

The group has been responsible for numerous attacks on civilians and security forces in Somalia and neighboring countries.

Inter-Governmental Tensions

In recent years, there has also been tension between the federal government of Somalia and the regional governments, particularly in the autonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland.

The federal government has accused the regional governments of undermining their authority, while the regional governments have accused the federal government of neglecting their needs.

Humanitarian Impact

The conflict in Somalia has resulted in widespread displacement of people, with over 2 million Somalis currently displaced within the country and millions more in neighboring countries.

The conflict has also led to a humanitarian crisis, with millions of Somalis in need of assistance, including food, water, and medical care.

International Involvement

International organizations and governments have been working to address the conflict in Somalia, including providing humanitarian assistance and supporting efforts to establish a stable and peaceful government.

Current Situation

However, the conflict remains ongoing, and the situation in Somalia remains fragile and unpredictable.

3. Syria

The United State’s involvement in the conflict in Syria began with President Obama in 2014 and is still unresolved, with 900 troops remaining there as of July 2021.

Again, this conflict is designed to attack and hold back Al-Qaeda forces and Islamic State.

Aleppo, Syria.
Aleppo, Syria.

Historical Context

The conflict began in 2011 when protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government escalated into a civil war.

The US initially provided non-lethal aid to the opposition but later began providing weapons and training to rebel groups.

Formation of the Coalition

In 2014, the US formed a coalition with other countries to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria.

Support for Kurdish-led Forces

The US has been supporting Kurdish-led forces in the fight against ISIS, providing air support and training.

Complexity of the Conflict

However, the conflict in Syria is complex, with multiple groups involved, including the Syrian government, opposition groups, extremist groups, and international powers.

Tensions with Russia

The US has also been involved in clashes with pro-Syrian government forces, which have led to tensions between the US and Russia, who support the Syrian government.

Response to Chemical Weapons Attack

In April 2018, the US, along with France and the UK, launched airstrikes against Syrian government targets in response to a chemical weapons attack.

Recent Developments

The conflict continued, with ongoing fighting and displacement of civilians. In October 2019, the US withdrew most of its troops from northern Syria, allowing Turkey to launch a military operation against Kurdish-led forces in the area.

Current Status

As of July 2021, the conflict in Syria remains unresolved, with ongoing fighting and a humanitarian crisis.

The US still has 900 troops in Syria, primarily focused on fighting ISIS. The Biden administration has expressed a commitment to finding a political solution to the conflict and providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the violence.

Who is America currently at war with?

At the time of writing, the United States was not involved in any major invasions or direct wars with other nations.

However, there are campaigns involving American intervention in other wars. There are also the ongoing actions of America’s “war” on terrorism, whether against Islamic extremists or domestic terrorists.

CountryDates of Conflict
Afghanistan2001 – present
Iraq2003 – 2011, 2014 – present
Syria2014 – present
Somalia2001 – present
Yemen2002 – present

It’s worth noting that the United States is also involved in various other military operations and conflicts around the world that are not officially considered wars.

America and the War on Terror

When we look at American wars more generally, we have to look at the War on Terror and the potential for ongoing conflict.

This term was popular in the years of President Bush, following the 9/11 attacks and subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan is now considered over, thanks to President Biden withdrawing troops from the region. However, there is an ongoing need to protect nations from terror and handle Islamic State extremism. 

Military equipment
The Biden administration left billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of United States forces.

Today, the threat from ISIS has decreased, but there are still fears that terrorists may seek to attack home soil.

Of course, a different ongoing war on terror in America now involves domestic terrorism.

America and the Russian-Ukrainian War

At the moment, there is also concern over the possibility of war with Russia due to the situation in Ukraine.

The United States and other NATO nations have provided financial and material aid to Ukraine, but there has been no official engagement by outside forces to date. 

However, there are tensions with Russia and a threat to NATO countries which could cause further conflict.

Mikoyan fighter jet
Mikoyan fighter jet.

The Joe Biden administration has made its support for Ukraine abundantly clear without giving any declaration of war or threat of action against Putin and his forces. 

An important point here is the recognition of established borders, while Russia tries to claim territories through annexation.

Another is the provisions given to Ukraine in equipment, financial aid, and training.

Could America Have a War With Russia?

Most are keen to avoid a world war situation, especially because of the potential threat from nuclear weapons and who could potentially ally with Russia.

Russian tank
Russian tank.

Another underlying factor is the history between these two nations.

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union is still in many people’s living memory. It dragged on for decades, with the superpowers trying to outdo each other. 

While there was no invasion or direct action between the countries, there was always a lingering threat.

Could America Ever See Another Civil War?

Aside from the concerns about global war and nuclear attacks, there are fears about conflicts at home.

The United States had seen civil war before when the Confederacy seceded from the Union following the emancipation of slaves

Civil War reenactment
Civil War reenactment.

There is a growing divide between political groups once more, with the “woke” liberal left at loggerheads with an increasingly far-right group of Republicans.

The nation may be a long way from enduring another American civil war, but things could get worse before they get better.

A poll by YouGov and the Economist in August 2022 showed that 65% of those asked felt that political violence had increased in the past year. 62% said this would increase in the next few years, but only 43% felt this could lead to civil war. 

This is still a significant number, and interestingly, this response was slightly higher among Republicans.

Riot police
Political unrest has been on the rise in the United States in recent years.

America’s Superpower Status

The Pinnacle of Power

As the world’s largest economy and the most powerful military force, the United States of America has long been considered a global superpower.

With great power, however, comes great responsibility, and the US has been heavily involved in world affairs for decades.

Historical Influence

From World War II to the Cold War, the US has been a dominant force in shaping global politics.

It has played a crucial role in maintaining international peace and security through its involvement in the United Nations and other international organizations.

Facing Criticism

Despite its contributions to global stability, the US has also faced criticism for its actions, especially in recent years.

Its involvement in conflicts in the Middle East has been widely criticized, with many questioning the legitimacy of its actions and the effectiveness of its interventions.

Rivalries and Tensions

America’s status as a superpower has also led to tensions with other countries, especially China and Russia. Both nations have been working to expand their own influence and challenge the US’s dominance on the world stage.

The US has responded by increasing its military presence in the Pacific and by imposing sanctions on Russia.

Challenges Amidst the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the challenges faced by the US in maintaining its superpower status. The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses in the country’s healthcare system and its economic inequality.

It has also led to a decline in the country’s global standing as other countries have managed the pandemic more effectively.


Despite these challenges, the US remains a global superpower, with a large military and great influence in world affairs. Its status as a superpower brings both benefits and responsibilities.

As the world faces new challenges, such as climate change and rising global inequality, the US must use its power wisely to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

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  1. I believe we are technically still at war with North Korea. Didn’t it end in a ceasefire instead of actual end to the war?

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  4. In the article it says the Civil war started when Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. That’s not true. The war started in 1861 and the emancipation was in 1863. Up to that point if the South had surrendered Lincoln would’ve let them keep their slaves. The Border states continued slavery during the war. When the emancipation proclamation was signed, black soldiers were able to fight. Interesting fact, Delaware was the last border state to abolish slavery in 1901.

    1. I’ve tried telling people if the south would have surrendered the emancipation would never have happened. It was a last ditch attempt to get support.

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  7. Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t understand that we are still at war with North Korea. Nothing between the 2 Countries have been agreed upon or signed off on. This is why we maintain US troops in South Korea. Please do all of your homework prior to posting an article. It will do wonders for you’re credibility.

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