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United States Constitution Images

US Constitution
US Constitution

The writing and ratification of the American Constitution

The United States Constitution was drafted and written in 1788 by the delegates at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention. But, it wasn’t until June 21st, 1788 that the Constitution of the United States was officially ratified by the required number of states.

The Constitutional Convention and James Madison

George Washington was the chair of the constitutional convention and ultimately the first United States President to win the Presidential Election. James Madison is known as the Father of the US Constitution as he was the main author and also one of the Founding Fathers. Others who were there are Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

Constitution Day

The creation of the constitution is celebrated by in the United States by having Constitution Day which is celebrated each year on 17th September.

Constitutional Amendments

The Bill of Rights was ratified soon after, to placate states who felt that the American constitution didn’t concentrate on civil rights. The Bill of Rights consists of 10 Amendments.

A Constitutional Amendment can be applied to the constitution if the amendment is voted through both houses of Congress with a 2/3 majority vote and then ratification takes place by the states.

Articles of the Constitution

There are 7 articles of the United States Constitution that describe how the government shouldn’t be running the country.

Below are high-resolution and printable images of the original United States Constitution.

Please click on the constitution images to enlarge the size.

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  1. The most important document in history that gives individuals the freedom to chart the course of their own destiny. A document forged in blood and the hope and aspirations of our Forefathers. A document that has withstood the test of time and continues to offer hope to those who dream that one day, they too, can be free.

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