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POLL 12th September 2021 – Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US Constitution
US Constitution

5 Responses

  1. I mean no in the way that it was done leaving the people as targets, its sickening to think that one or used to be greatest country in the
    World is that extreme our country America. Biden Administration STEP DOWN.

    1. Your response leaves a lot to desired. When was the US the greatest country in the world? Did the rest of the world weigh in on that? Your response is disjointed and makes no sense. Trump made the deal that Biden honored. There is no good way to lose a war and withdrawal. One need only look at Vietnam to see that point. Or the fact that the police action known as the Korean War has never ended in an agreement. We are still at “war” there. Yes, that sounds like a neat and tidy conclusion to an unpopular war.

  2. The agreement signed by then president, Donald Trump in 2020, assured the Taliban that the US would withdraw all military troops from Afghanistan by May, 2021. Regardless who was US president in 2021, that agreement had to be fulfilled. After 20 years, our government felt that the Afghanistan leader and all their forces, trained by us, would be able to maintain control of their country. When the leader of Afghanistan left in secrecy, their military failed to secure the country and the Taliban took advantage of that to take control. Donald Trump stated, with no evidence, that the Taliban were powerful and trustworthy and he entered into an agreement that could not be reversed. It was a failure in judgement to believe that the Taliban would continue the freedoms given to the women of Afghanistan and trusted to continue the progress the US tried to install in Afghanistan. The withdrawal in 2021 was fulfilling an agreement, signed in 2020, by a president who completely lacked understanding and intelligent knowledge of governments and the inherent differences.

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