What Does Habeas Corpus Mean?

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Habeas Corpus (Latin for ‘you have a body’) is an important right many probably haven’t heard of. Especially since it hasn’t been challenged in over twenty years, but it’s one of the more important rights that we have in America. 

What Is the Hatch Act?

United States Congress

After numerous claims that politicians in political office in the United States were using civil service employees to help with congressional election activities, investigations resulted in the creation of the Hatch Act.

What Is the Nuremberg Code?

Photo of Nazi concentration camp

The Nuremberg Code emerged in the wake of the Second World War in response to the horrific medical practices that were carried out on prisoners in concentration camps throughout the Third Reich.

What Is a Bicameral Legislature?

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Very few countries in this world operate without some form of a legislative branch of government. Roughly 60% of the nations in the world function under what is known as a unicameral legislature. Generally, the rest of the world, including the United States, adopts a bicameral system.

What Does SCOTUS Mean?

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Abbreviations or acronyms are commonly used to reference various agencies, branches of government, or officers of the federal government in the United States, and SCOTUS is one of them.

What Does the FBI Do?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, is overseen by the United States Department of Justice. While it serves many capacities, the most prominent is its role as the primary federal law enforcement agency. This means that the FBI is in charge of investigating major and/or violent crimes, especially when those crimes cross state lines.