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What Was the Homestead Act?

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Few government interventions in United States history inspire as much wistful sentimentalism as the Homestead Act, which in its simplest form was America’s “Manifest Destiny” – well, manifest.

What Are Full-Time Work Hours in the United States?

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The definition of full time work hours in the United States is not defined by law. There is no standard definition of full time work hours because the United States Department of Labor assigns the definition to employers who, in turn, determine their company’s policies of what full time work is. 

What Vaccines Are Required By Law In the United States?


While there are no national laws in the United States surrounding mandatory vaccines for its citizens, all 50 states have mandates for children who wish to enroll in public schools in the interest of public health and disease control. 

How to Change Your Last Name

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Changing your name can be a somewhat tedious process that varies depending on your state or county. Some may be able to file a name change within a matter of weeks. Others must file, attend a court hearing, and await the application’s approval.

When Were the Intolerable Acts?

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The Intolerable Acts came about in 1774, in a volatile period in the history of North America. The colonies were at odds with their British rulers and had reached a new height with rebellion in Massachusetts. 

What Is Procedural Due Process?

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Procedural due process protects people’s right to life, liberty, or property. Under this process, a person who has had their rights taken away must be given prior notice, the right to appeal this decision in court, and an unbiased decision-maker to rule on their case.