What Was the Sugar Act?

A spoonful of sugar

The Sugar Act, also known as The Plantation Act, was a law that was brought into effect on April 5, 1764, by the British Parliament.

What Was the Tea Act?

Colonial America reenactment

The American colonists were always opposed to British legislation regarding the tea trade, and the Tea Act saw them become further entrenched in their position.

What Was the Espionage Act?

Man dressed as spy

The idea of spies stealing military secrets and handing them off to foreign enemies isn’t just something out of Hollywood movies. There are very real threats to national security, and the United States government seeks to not only deter but prosecute those that reveal classified information in any way. This is why we have the Espionage Act.

When Was Abortion Legalized?

Woman holding placard

The issues of abortion and reproductive rights are some of the most controversial in America right now. Pro-life and pro-choice advocates clash over a woman’s right to choose and the right of an unborn fetus to live. Everyone has an opinion, but what does the law say about abortion rights?

What Is a Government Shutdown?


A government shutdown is an event where the American government’s nonessential offices cannot operate due to a lack of funding. Various federally-run operations will stop working during the shutdown, usually because the federal budget has not been approved.

What Does Habeas Corpus Mean?

Hammer and gavel

Habeas Corpus (Latin for ‘you have a body’) is an important right many probably haven’t heard of. Especially since it hasn’t been challenged in over twenty years, but it’s one of the more important rights that we have in America.