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What Is the Whip?

Senate Chamber in Texas State Capitol

In political systems, a “whip” is not a thing, but a person. Often one of the highest positions within a legislative or parliamentarian body (depending on the form of government), the whip is an assistant to a political party’s legislative leader and is responsible for party discipline. 

What Was the Red Scare?

communist rally

There have been two Red Scares in American history that occurred within 40 years of each other during the 20th century. A Red Scare is a period of heightened anti-communist alarm during which paranoia and mass hysteria are prevalent.

What Is the Tea Party?

Photo of Boston Harbor

The Tea Party movement is a populist political movement formed in the United States in 2009, mainly opposed to excessive taxation and government intrusion into business while advocating stricter immigration controls.

What Are Swing States?

United States flag

Unlike many other countries in the world, the United States does not elect a president based on a direct popular vote total. Instead, elections are determined by the Electoral College, a process whereby individual states are assigned a specific number of Electoral College votes. The presidential candidate who receives a majority of those votes is then elected president.