Why Are Hunting Regulations Passed?

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There are several reasons why hunting regulations are passed, with many laws relating to hunting seasons, locations, and weaponry. It is also important to limit hunts to protect wildlife populations and prevent a tipping point or environmental damage. From there, there are also considerations over the protection of people and property.

What Is Second Degree Manslaughter?

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As a rule of thumb, individuals can only be penalized for actions they seemingly intended to commit. However, depending on the gravity of the consequences, they can be held liable even if there was no intent to cause the event or the intent was to produce a different result.

Current Ohio Abortion Laws

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The overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, symbolized a stark departure from a tradition spanning 50 years of abortion rights protection in the United States. 

Current Ohio Gun Laws


Ohio is a traditional open carry state and is considered relatively gun friendly. Here are the most relevant details people should know when they are in The Buckeye State, whether as a visitor or an Ohio resident, regarding current Ohio gun laws.

What Is the Baker Act?

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The Baker Act is commonly referred to in the media. However, few people know that this act originated from and exclusively belongs to Florida. Despite this, many states adopted similar laws to this Florida statute due to its extensive role in public health and protecting individuals with mental illness.

What Is a Writ of Certiorari?

Supreme Court

A writ of certiorari is one of the writs that higher courts can issue. Writs of certiorari are rare, as supreme courts typically utilize them on the state or federal level.