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What Is the Tea Party?

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The Tea Party movement is a populist political movement formed in the United States in 2009, mainly opposed to excessive taxation and government intrusion into business while advocating stricter immigration controls.

What Are Swing States?

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Unlike many other countries in the world, the United States does not elect a president based on a direct popular vote total. Instead, elections are determined by the Electoral College, a process whereby individual states are assigned a specific number of Electoral College votes. The presidential candidate who receives a majority of those votes is then elected president.

Why was the Electoral College Established?

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Reasons Behind Formation of Electoral College The framers of the United States Constitution established a compromise in the supreme law when laying the foundation of their new country. The Electoral College provided a compromise option that restrained the election of a president by nationwide vote or appointment by Congress. This sets it apart from the […]

What is the Electoral College and how does it work?

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About the Electoral College Every four years, millions of American voters head to the polls to elect their President. After casting the ballot, voters wait for the results to be declared officially. The presidential winner is determined by the electoral college and not the nationwide vote. The constitution established a compromise in the electoral college […]

When Does the Electoral College Vote?

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When Do Electors Meet In State Capitals To Vote? The electoral college votes on the Monday that follows the second Wednesday in December. Electors meet in state capitals (or within the District of Columbia for electors representing DC) and cast their votes. Electors vote on separate ballots for president and vice president. At no point […]

What is wrong with the electoral college?

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About the Electoral College The Electoral College system has been marred with controversies for a long time. The most recent one was the 2016 presidential election. The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the countrywide popular vote by over 2 million but lost on the Electoral College vote to Republican candidate Donald Trump. After trouncing […]