Where Does the VP Live?

Washington DC at night

The Vice President of the United States lives at Number One Observatory Circle. This is a private residence on the observatory grounds a couple of miles from the White House. The VP is free to live here throughout their term and adapt the residence to their needs – as most have. It is a spacious and secure workspace and family home. 

Why Did Nixon Resign?

President Nixon

The presidency of Richard Nixon is remembered mostly for the Watergate scandal of 1972-74. There was a point where it seemed as though whatever the president had or hadn’t done concerning the break-in and suspected cover-up, he would get past it. But, on August 9th, 1974, President Nixon signed a resignation letter, left office, and was replaced by Gerald Ford.

What Are the President’s Powers?

Photo of Mount Rushmore

The role of the President of The United States is often heralded as being the most powerful in the world. This seems justified when we consider everything that a president can do. So, what are the president’s powers, and do they have absolute power?

Who Was the Best President?

Photo of President John F. Kennedy

The United States has enjoyed and suffered the terms of a range of presidents. Some were exceptional and influential, others downright awful and embarrassing, and many mediocre. But, who was the best?

Who Is Aaron Burr?

Photo of Central Park

Aaron Burr is primarily remembered because he slew his rival, Alexander Hamilton, during an illegal duel in 1804.

Why Do Presidents Pardon?

Photo of President Gerald Ford

The President of the United States has the power to issue pardons to people who have committed federal crimes. A pardon allows a person who has perpetrated such a crime to be fully exonerated of that infraction.