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Online US Constitution Quiz: US Presidents

Can you get all of the United States Presidents Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Correct?

US Presidents

What was the most notable point about Donald Trump becoming the President?
Who is the only President to serve non-consecutive terms?
Which President is also referred to as the "Father of the Constitution?"
Which President served as a general in the Civil War?
Who is the youngest person to be elected as the President?
Who has lived the longest following the end of his presidency?
Which of these Presidents didn't serve as a Vice President beforehand?
Which of these Presidents had George Clinton as one of his Vice Presidents?
Who is the only President whose presidency ended mid-term for results other than his death?
Who was the oldest President based on his age at the time of his inauguration?
Which of these Presidents to have been assassinated while in office didn't die instantly from his wounds?
The Cold War is considered to have started during whose presidency?
Who served as Richard Nixon's first Vice President?
Who was the President during the start of the First World War?
Who is the first President to have a woman as his Vice President?
How long did William Henry Harrison's presidency last?

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