Online US Constitution Quiz: Constitutional Amendments

Can you get all of the United States Constitutional Amendments Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Correct?

Constitutional Amendments

The 21st Amendment repealed the:
The 26th Amendment allows people as young as this age to vote:
The 20th Amendment says that the President's and Vice President's terms will end at noon on:
The concept of ensuring Americans are not subject to "unreasonable searches and seizures" appears in what Amendment?
The 19th Amendment allows all American citizens to vote regardless of:
According to the 7th Amendment, a claimant can take an issue to a court and trial by jury if the value of something is at least what?
The 10th Amendment entails the separation of:
The 11th Amendment states that a citizen can only sue a state if that citizen:
The 27th Amendment says that any changes to the salaries of Congress members will take effect:
The 5th Amendment states that a person who was tried and acquitted for a crime:
The 22nd Amendment limits the President to serve for:
The 16th Amendment allows Congress to collect:
The 22nd Amendment says that any person who is promoted to the position of President for two years or more of a term can only be elected for how many additional terms?
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