Online US Constitution Quiz: Constitutional Amendments

Can you get all of the United States Constitutional Amendments Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Correct?

Constitutional Amendments

The 10th Amendment entails the separation of:
The 16th Amendment allows Congress to collect:
The 11th Amendment states that a citizen can only sue a state if that citizen:
The 20th Amendment says that the President's and Vice President's terms will end at noon on:
According to the 7th Amendment, a claimant can take an issue to a court and trial by jury if the value of something is at least what?
The 26th Amendment allows people as young as this age to vote:
The 22nd Amendment says that any person who is promoted to the position of President for two years or more of a term can only be elected for how many additional terms?
The concept of ensuring Americans are not subject to "unreasonable searches and seizures" appears in what Amendment?
The 5th Amendment states that a person who was tried and acquitted for a crime:
The 19th Amendment allows all American citizens to vote regardless of:
The 21st Amendment repealed the:
The 22nd Amendment limits the President to serve for:
The 27th Amendment says that any changes to the salaries of Congress members will take effect:
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