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Alicia Reynolds

Portrait of Alicia Reynolds

Alicia Reynolds holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master’s degree in American Studies from Columbia University.

As a fervent advocate for civic education, she has dedicated her career to promoting a deeper understanding of the US Constitution and its impact on contemporary society.

Alicia is a keen writer and consultant for, creating engaging content that demystifies complex constitutional concepts for a wide audience. Outside of her professional life, Alicia is a dedicated volunteer for a local animal shelter and a passionate supporter of environmental conservation initiatives.

She enjoys spending her free time hiking and birdwatching with her two children, nurturing their love for nature and the outdoors. An avid reader, Alicia is often found with her nose in a book, exploring the works of both classic and contemporary authors while also dabbling in creative writing as a hobby. Her enthusiasm for the arts extends to a love for visiting museums and attending local cultural events, further enriching her understanding of history and its influence on the world today.

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