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Joe Biden’s Student Loan Plan

A ribbon representing Joe Biden's Student Loan Plan next to a sign.

The student loan crisis has been a pressing issue for decades and continues to be a subject of debate. As the cost of college tuition rises, more students take on loans in order to finance their education. In response to this growing concern, Joe Biden has proposed a comprehensive plan to address the student loan […]

Joe Biden’s Views Expressed Through Quotes

Joe Biden expresses his views through smiles at a podium.

No matter what your opinion is on politics or Joe Biden himself, there is no denying that he has some incredible words of wisdom that everyone can learn from. So take a look at this collection of amazing Joe Biden quotes and prepare to be inspired! Joe Biden On Leadership One of Biden’s most oft-quoted […]

Joe Biden Net Worth

joe biden networth

Joe Biden has made a lot of money in his career – more than 17 million dollars. But he is not worth 17 million dollars. What is Joe Biden’s net worth? Joe Biden’s current net worth might be about $9 million dollars . Biden earned his money in his lengthy political career. Get Smarter on […]

About Jill Biden

Photo of Jill Biden

Jill Tracy Jacobs was born in New Jersey on June 3rd, 1951. She was the oldest of five girls raised by parents Donald and Bonny in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden Scandals

Photo of President Joe Biden

Controversies that have plagued Joe Biden In 2022, Joe Biden is most known for his role as the 46th President of the United States. Before that, he was vice president to Barack Obama for eight years. There’s no doubt that Joe Biden is a career politician. However, his bid for presidency unearthed a career that […]

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden smiling.

When was Joe Biden born? Joe Biden was born in 1942. Where was Joe Biden born? Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. How old was Joe Biden when he became president? Joe Biden became president at the age of 78. What years was Joe Biden president? Joe Biden has been president since 2021. Joseph […]