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What Is a Designated Survivor?

Washington D.C.

It’s a scary thought, what if the entire government was wiped out in one fell swoop? Thankfully, the people who govern our nation have catered for this eventuality. They have put provisions in place for continuity of government. 

When Was JFK Shot?

JFK addressing Congress

The assassination of President John F Kennedy remains one of the most shocking moments in 20th-century presidential history. The location of the shooting is well known, but when was JFK shot, when did he die, and what else happened over that weekend?

Who Approves Presidential Appointments?

United States flags

Clause 2, Section 2 of Article II of the United States Constitution is known as the Appointments Clause. This specific part of the Constitution empowers the U.S. President to nominate anyone he or she sees fit to many different departments and positions.

Who Killed Lincoln?

President Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was famously assassinated in the final weeks of the Civil War while attending a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. Lincoln is undeniably a towering figure in American history, but the story behind the man who shot him is not as widely known. John Wilkes Booth was the person who killed Lincoln, and because of what he did is also a noteworthy individual in the history of the United States worthy of being understood.

What Day Is Inauguration Day?

Presidential inauguration

The inauguration is one of the most important dates on the calendar for anyone that serves as president. This is when they finally obtain power, months after winning the election, and can get started on their plans for the nation’s future. So what day is Inauguration Day? Has it always been on this date, and why is there such a long interval after the election?

Where Does the VP Live?

Washington DC at night

The Vice President of the United States lives at Number One Observatory Circle. This is a private residence on the observatory grounds a couple of miles from the White House. The VP is free to live here throughout their term and adapt the residence to their needs – as most have. It is a spacious and secure workspace and family home.