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List of the 27 Amendments

Bill of rights and first amendment.

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The following is a list of the 27 constitutional amendments. Twenty-five of these constitutional amendments are currently active. The two amendments of the constitution that are inactive are the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) and the 21st Amendment (Repeal of Prohibition).

You can also download a PDF of the 27 Amendments if you wish to.

The First 10 Amendments to the Constitution

What are the first 10 amendments called?

The first 10 of these amendments are known as the Bill of Rights and relate to personal and individual rights. The Bill of Rights was ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures on December 15, 1791.

Over 11,000 additional constitutional amendments have been proposed, with approximately 200 proposed for the amendment process a year. For a proposed constitutional amendment to be passed is a very complicated process.

What Are the First 27 Amendments of the Constitution?

The 1st Amendment

The 1st Amendment is about Freedom of speech. The notion that the government will not interfere with the ability of the people, the press, or religious groups to express their views or to protest in favor of them.

It starts with:

Congress shall make no law…


The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is about the right to bear arms. In the modern world, the continued right to own firearms and protect property according to the law.


The 3rd Amendment

The 3rd Amendment is a law stating that citizens do not have to house soldiers in wartime or peacetime if they do not consent to do so.


The 4th Amendment

The 4th Amendment is about the right of the people of the United States to feel secure in their homes and possessions without fear of “unreasonable searches and seizures.” This relates to modern law concerning the need for a warrant to search property.


The 5th Amendment

The 5th Amendment is commonly known as the double jeopardy law. Those tried and acquitted for a crime cannot be tried again for that same crime. Also, the accused cannot be asked to be a witness against themselves.


The 6th Amendment

The 6th Amendment is about the right of all citizens of the United States to a speedy and fair public trial. This also means an impartial jury and the right to a defense counsel and witnesses in their favor.

It also infers the concept of the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.


The 7th Amendment

The 7th Amendment gives the right for any claimant to take a matter to court and trial by jury when the value in question exceeds $20.


The 8th Amendment

The 8th Amendment is a ban on extreme punishments for crimes, focusing on those that are “cruel and unusual” and on excessive fines or bail.


The 9th Amendment

The 9th Amendment clarifies that United States citizens have far more rights than those currently listed and that their absence doesn’t diminish their importance.


The 10th Amendment

The 10th Amendment attempts to separate federal and state law, where the federal government only has the powers assigned to it via the United States Constitution. The states have power over everything else.


The 11th Amendment

The 11th Amendment is the notion that the right for citizens to sue a state only applies to residents in that state. In other words, Texans can’t sue the State of New Mexico. It was ratified on February 7, 1795.


The 12th Amendment

The 12th Amendment is a complex amendment that lays out all the laws for how Presidents and Vice Presidents progress through the nomination and election process. It goes into who is allowed to vote and qualified electors and delegates. Also, the requirements for becoming president. It was ratified on June 15, 1804.


The 13th Amendment

The 13th Amendment is about the abolition of slavery. The promise that slavery, or “involuntary servitude,” would exist no longer within the United States. The exception here is on the conviction of a crime. This amendment was ratified on December 6, 1865.


The 14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment is the assertion that all those born or naturalized within the United States are citizens of the United States. Furthermore, the promise that no state will enforce any law that will damage these privileges in any way. This is also known as the Equal Protection Clause and was ratified on July 9, 1868.


The 15th Amendment

The 15th Amendment stipulates that any citizen of the United States has the right to vote, regardless of their race and color of their skin. This constitutional amendment also mentions those with a “previous condition of servitude,” which grants the right to former slaves. It was ratified on February 3, 1870.


The 16th Amendment

The 16th Amendment is a law that allowed Congress to start collecting income tax, with the promise that this would not be based on the state’s population. It was ratified on February 3, 1913.


The 17th Amendment

The 17th Amendment lays out the terms for electing senators. This gave power to the people of the US to choose their representatives and laid out the terms of office. The Seventeenth Amendment was ratified on April 8, 1913.


The 18th Amendment

The Eighteenth Amendment is also known as the Prohibition Law. This prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of “intoxicating liquors.” This essentially meant a ban on alcohol and led to the Prohibition Era of bootleg alcohol sales and consumption. The 18th Amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919 but subsequently repealed by the 21st Amendment.


The 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment is about the right for any citizen of the United States to vote, regardless of their biological sex. Essentially, this was the moment women joined male citizens and were granted the right to vote in the United States. This amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.


The 20th Amendment

The 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution is the decision that all presidential terms, and those of vice presidents, will end at noon on January 20th. In addition to this, it was decided that the date of the start of a term in the Senate would move to January 3rd. The Twentieth Amendment was ratified on January 23, 1933.amendment20

The 21st Amendment

The 21st Amendment is the motion to repeal the 18th Amendment, the Prohibition Law, and allow for the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol. It was ratified on December 5, 1933 due to the inability to enforce the law. Instead, individual states gained the right to police alcohol-related laws themselves.


The 22nd Amendment

The 22nd Amendment is the notion that no president should be eligible for election into office for more than two terms. Furthermore, anyone promoted to president for two years or more of a term cannot be elected for more than one additional term. The amendment was proposed in 1947, following FDR’s term from 1933 to 1945, and ratified on February 27, 1951.


The 23rd Amendment

The 23rd Amendment ensures that Washington, D.C. had electors in the Electoral College, but only as many as the state with the lowest number. This would ensure that voters there had better representation in future elections. The amendment was ratified on March 29, 1961.


The 24th Amendment

The 24th Amendment is about the right of any citizen of the United States to vote for candidates in any election for Presidential, Senate, or Congress representatives, even if they have missed a tax payment. This could mean a poll tax payment or any other tax. This amendment was ratified on January 23, 1964.amendment24

The 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment says that the vice president will take office and take over the role of president if the president is removed from office, resigns, or dies. This was proposed in 1965 after Lyndon Johnson took over the presidency following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was ratified on February 10, 1967.amendment25

The 26th Amendment

The 26th Amendment is about the voting rights of all American citizens over 18. Before this, the voting age had been 21. There is also mention of being able to do so without fear of having their vote denied because of their age. The amendment was ratified on July 1, 1971.amendment26

The 27th Amendment

The 27th Amendment submits that any changes to the salary of those in Congress should not take effect until the next election of representatives. Unsurprisingly, given the nature of this bill, this took a long time to reach ratification. It was proposed in 1789 and ratified on May 7, 1992.amendment27

27 Amendments of the Constitution

The above are 27 amendments that have become part of the United States Constitution. There are approximately 10,000 amendments that have been rejected and never ratified.

When Was Each of the 27 Amendments to the Constitution Ratified?

The ratification dates for each of the 27 Amendments to the United States Constitution are as follows:

  • First 10 Amendments (Bill of Rights) – December 15, 1791
  • 11th Amendment – February 7, 1795
  • 12th Amendment – June 15, 1804
  • 13th Amendment – December 6, 1865
  • 14th Amendment – July 9, 1868
  • 15th Amendment – February 3, 1870
  • 16th Amendment – February 3, 1913
  • 17th Amendment – April 8, 1913
  • 18th Amendment – January 16, 1919
  • 19th Amendment – August 18, 1920
  • 20th Amendment – January 23, 1933
  • 21st Amendment – December 5, 1933
  • 22nd Amendment – February 27, 1951
  • 23rd Amendment – March 29, 1961
  • 24th Amendment – January 23, 1964
  • 25th Amendment – February 10, 1967
  • 26th Amendment – July 1, 1971
  • 27th Amendment – May 7, 1992

Constitutional Amendments Quiz

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Constitutional Amendments

The 22nd Amendment says that any person who is promoted to the position of President for two years or more of a term can only be elected for how many additional terms?
The 10th Amendment entails the separation of:
The 21st Amendment repealed the:
The 19th Amendment allows all American citizens to vote regardless of:
The 26th Amendment allows people as young as this age to vote:
The 27th Amendment says that any changes to the salaries of Congress members will take effect:
The concept of ensuring Americans are not subject to “unreasonable searches and seizures” appears in what Amendment?
According to the 7th Amendment, a claimant can take an issue to a court and trial by jury if the value of something is at least what?
The 5th Amendment states that a person who was tried and acquitted for a crime:
The 20th Amendment says that the President’s and Vice President’s terms will end at noon on:
The 16th Amendment allows Congress to collect:
The 22nd Amendment limits the President to serve for:
The 11th Amendment states that a citizen can only sue a state if that citizen:
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96 Responses

  1. Where in the Constitution does it give a right to impeach a President after he has left the office of President.

    1. He was impeached on January 13, 2021 which was before he left office January 20,2021. The trial came after that, but he was constitutionally impeached twice.

        1. Impeachment is permanent. He may be acquitted by the Senate, but he is still Impeached. If you remember in the past, Bill Clinton was impeached, but then acquitted by the Senate. He is still to this day Impeached. The House of Representatives has sole Power of Impeachment.

          The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

          1. It’s the same as if you are accused of a crime and found not guilty. Your not guilty, but records will always show you were accused, but found not guilty.

          2. That is incorrect, the Impeachment has to be ratified or denied by the Senate before the Impeachment becomes Official. When the Senate votes against or denies the Impeachment by the House of Representatives, it essentially becomes null and void.

        2. It doesn’t “cancel” the impeachments. An impeachment, which is a political process, is the equivalent to an indictment in the criminal process. Both merely mean that the responsible body, HOR or Grand Jury, found enough evidence in their opinion to warrant a trial. An indictment still remains on the record, as does an impeachment, even if the charged party is aquitted.

          1. There’s no way he could try to run for president if he had been impeached. An impeachment is not just an accusation but also a trial.

        3. Yas!!! I dont understand why they like to think he was in fact Impeached, when he wasnt. He was acquitted both times. Therefore never impeached.

      1. It did not pass so he was not taken out of office. They were all Democrats run hate. Just like they hate the Republicans they want to make us a one party system which is communism. The impeachment did not pass the congress. GEES

        1. Carol: Can’t believe that anyone believes such nonsense. First, trump was impeached for attempting to blackmail Ukraine by withholding miliary aid attempting to block a House Investigaton. Then he was impeached for urging tourist to enter the Capitol with guns, stars and bars flags and urging for the hanging of the VP. Good Christians one and all.
          Every woman ought to have been outraged that trump bragged about grabbing women by their private parts because they like it. Sex with whores and porn stars is unacceptable, expect to ultra-right wing voters.

        2. Really a one party system just more fancy definition of a dictatorship, but communist countries are dictatorships so your point still stands.

          1. He is somewhat arrogant, had absolutely 0% of any sort/kind of political background, a social media keyboard bully, rich RICH, uptight 1% and loved pornstars ######… BUT.!!! That man did an excellent job and upheld his duty of the united States president like a God damn trooper… Good job MR. President Trump…..!!!!

          2. He did nothing as a President of the United States of America. He played golf for one fourth of the time being in the White House. He played like a little baby with our Nation’s Top Secret information. He played movie star as he met with commie leaders and murderers. He acted and still does about people whom he disliked or confronted him making sure those who did lives were destroyed by his actions. All that and a draft dodger. The poor little baby couldn’t even represent the Country in a uniform. What a coward.

          3. LIE’S. He was not the best president America ever had, That honor should go to Barack Obama, The First Afro-Amercian Man to be president. and he did a VERY good job. Unlike old Donald ‘Rump’ who did nothing but lie, cheat, and bribe people into liking him!

          4. Yeah, that shows in his current situation, he’s the prime candidate for prison because of his criminal behavior and mindset. He caused division among the people of this country and his ignorance brought about chaos and corruption and turned people into idiots and vile followers of white nationalist ideology which correlates with hate and white supremacy. His corruption is clear to be seen and witnessed by the world and so are his elite dedicated followers who are just as criminal as he is that’s why they follow a lunatic who was nothing more than a game show host. His fraudulent activities and his corruptness are finally exposing him for everything he is and everything he will be.

        1. Being “charged” and being impeached are two entirely different things. It would be really helpful for you to take a class on how the United States Government is run per the Constitution.

    2. Article 1, Section 2, Item 5: of the Constitution states, “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”
      In the absence of any limitation set there, or elsewhere in the Constitution that leaves the decision of who when and where to impeach solely in the hands of the House of Representatives.
      So the more relevant question should be “Where in the Constitution is a former president exempted from impeachment?”

  2. Is there ANY alternative to remove a sitting president (for treason as an example) other than through Congress? Can US Citizens remove a sitting president? I don’t think the framers of our constitution considered the depth of corruption in our government when they created the article for impeachment by Congress. When there is massive corruption within both parties and neither side will impeach a sitting president for treason (or some other valid reason for impeachment), the US citizens are left helpless.

    1. I don’t believe framers considered the level of corruption as you describe but they hadn’t fully considered the depth (or true possibility?) of a two party system and the polarity that would ensue.

      1. Somewhat correct… Thomas Jefferson warned us against a two party system. Yet here we are… sad state of affairs our nation is in.

    2. Yes, We the People should be able to remove a sitting president via the Convention of States.

      1. I agree, we should be able to remove. Read the President’s Oath of Office, he has violated it.

    3. It’s called the 2nd amendment. The right to protect ourselves against tyrannical governments (both foreign and domestic)

    4. Joe Biden would already be in prison for treason just because of the open border and engraved invitations. This is ludicrous over 140 countries have had people literally walk in. They have lost track of most. We have no idea who is here from the Got Away Group. Nearly a million of those and I am sure most are not here for asylum.

  3. Our CONSTITUTION is not being followed WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING HEARD. We need to reread why do we have LIFE LONG CONGRESS PEOPLE WHEN THEY WERE ONLY 6 YEAR????

    1. Unfortunately because the people keep buying into the marketing of political campaigns and keep reelecting the same people. In the absence of term limitations all we have is our vote. (For now)

      1. We don’t need congress to sign a law for term limits. The states can do it without their support. Check it out. More and more people have signed the petition and many states have agreed to vote for them. Term limits are vital to our Republic

    2. that is what I keep saying, you hear about imposing term limits on these folks, but why there already there in the Constitution!!!

  4. The constitutional laws are greatly ignored by the left when is interferes with their agenda. The people need to vote for limits for the congress, house, and the senate as it is for the president. Also the constitutional laws need to be taught to ALL law enforcement officers who swear an oath to the constitution and have no idea how many and what the amendments intel.

    1. I agree with your statement. I do think that police don’t understand all the individual rights that people have and because of that police use their pride and say that we are the ones who enforce the law so we know the law more than you do even though lawyers are the people who go to law school in order to become a lawyer. Now I do think that some police legitimately do know most of the rights people, but that is honestly very few.

      1. They should be required to memorize the US constitution. They take an oath and that oath is a major part of job description. My opinion 80% violate their oaths regularly.

  5. All of you are super annoying. People on both sides always result to screaming. I’m just here to study for a government exam and this is what I see. It’s kind of sad.

    1. If worrying about your studies are more important than what’s going on in America, that’s what’s sad. Do you realize our children are being endoctrinated to hate America, the flag, & told they’re either racist or victims. Do you know that some teachers believe that children, as young as 5 years old, are to be taught about transgenderism, sexual gratification, & other subjects that are totally inappropriate? For your children’s & grandchildren’s sake, wake up to the real threat & have your voice heard. There’s no screaming here, just deep concerns.

      1. We have the right to one is hearing us n we are fed up! We are WE THE PEOPLE.. theses are our rights that are being destroyed. We need to rise up n fight go to the White House..its our right to fight .people fight for all the wrong things.We need to urge to get out n vote , regardless. .you are right in what you said

      2. Don’t forget to mention the fact that children as young as five are given gender transition therapy so that same five-year-old can go through a surgery that permanently damages their bodies and the fact that most transgenders have about the same suicide rate as schizophrenics.

      3. As a teenager in high school, your intent sounds good, but I can’t agree with all of your reasoning. What is going on in our country and the concerns we have for it are definitely something we should worry about, but we can’t take part in any change until we are of age and TAUGHT what goes on. We can not and will not get involved in things we know nothing about.

        As for hating America and the flag, that is not something we are forced or taught to believe. We do that from what we learn and know about our government. With that being said, I disagree with many things that go on, however I would never say I hate America or the flag. Many people would agree with me on that. Those who bring disrespect to the flag and find vandalizing statues and other historic things as a way to express their disagreement can be under that category but not every child out there who does not like our laws has to be considered a child who hates America.

        As for learning about transgenderism, there is no crime in teaching about that at a young age UNLESS it is sexualized to little kids. Knowing its okay to be yourself is no crime. If a young boy feels feminine and wants to be a girl, without being told or pressured that they have to be, someone wanting to explain what being transgender is and that its okay wants to tell him that, they should. And as most kids ask about sex, if they do then they can get the answer, like most parents give. Beings transgender or homosexual is not about sexual things but about it being okay to be you. Accepting that humans will love who they want and be who they want. Yet, you can’t accept that idea and try to say we can’t believe anything outside of what we are taught?

        We are open minded to things that are accepting and fair to everyone, that is what we are taught. And if our country is not willing to make that happen and allow equality and fairness to all people, why would we like it? Love and acceptance and equality is all we want.

  6. The 16th & 17th Amendments were not properly ratified by Individual State’s Congress and, therefore, invalid.

  7. MTG can be ousted on the basis of joining the Jan. 6 insurrection using the 14th amendment. Perhaps jailed or told to leave the USA for North Korea….

    1. That only applied to the war between the states, falsely called a civil war by some uninformed people, but not one (a civil war iscone where two or more factions fight over conyrol of a govenment. Since the suth never tried to overthrow the union government, itcwas not a civil war.

      The 1/6 incident was not an attempt to overhrow the government. It was a legal, constitutional attempt to ensure that only legitimate votes for president were counted.

    2. Since no attemted insjrrection, or actual insurrection ny any Trump supporters occurred on 1/6, Ms greene cannot be ousted from Congress, neither can Trump, or any other elected Republican officialwho was in Washington that day, except for all members of the demonkkkrat party, who conspired to unseat Trump in obama’s operation crossfire hurricane “by any mrans necessary” starting in december 2016

    3. I do believe MTG was in Congress with the rest of the house reps. Only a small fraction of the people at the Capitol that day actually went inside. I’d bet at least 99% of the people stayed outside the building and most peacefully assembled, others did get very loud at times. No reason to try to blame anything her or President Trump. The speech we all heard was no different than speeches he gave at all his other rallys.

  8. I wish the constitution was clearer on treason because trying to impeach a president with knowingly with false evidence is a coup and that’s treason no brainer

    1. I do agree, especially if you consider that the constitution was written during the late 1700’s which nowadays most people would be confused about what some of this people are saying.

    2. The constitution is very clear on the definition of treason against the United States. Article 3, section 3 states: “Treason against the United States shall consist only of waging war against the United States, or adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort….”

  9. My history teacher has lied to me… she said the fifth was the right to not have to say anything say you got pulled over you didn’t have to say anything..

    1. What do you think “nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself” means? It’s where our “Miranda rights” come from. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” You have the right to remain silent, per the fifth amendment.

  10. Is anyone else just kinda sad looking at this? For most laws to made, this stuff actually has to be a problem.

  11. Reversing Roe vs Wade is wrong. No government should tell a woman what she can do with her body. If it happens, then all males 18 yrs and older should have mandatory vasectomies!

    1. Killing American citizens for convenience sake is wrong. The babies being brutally murdered are people; they are my neighbors, and no less American than you or me. Murder is not health care.

      1. An unborn fetus is not an American Citizen lol… Brutally murdered is what happened to the 11 year old in Texas because we’d rather give rights to guns than our woman. Those children were your neighbors.

        1. if you are pro life or not. I have worked in Health care seen addicted infants mother nor dad want or care. If you are pro life and against Government supporting these children with tax dollars. If you are Pro life you may want to line up in the nic unit in every hospital and be willing to raise a child that may never eat, speak, grow or learn .. I have seen these children and they suffer after birth . The mother nor father want to raise a child that needs 24 hour care and will never be able to care for themselves. This is just my opinion. I have held babies going through with drawl while their mom is discharged from hospital. When they return most went and got a “fix” If you are willing to support all these child then you really are pro life if not , you do not have enough information on what goes on in this epidemic.. My OPINION

        2. “An unborn fetus is not an American citizen lol”? Wrong!! An unborn fetus is a developing, breathing and living human being! We know this because we can see the unborn baby on a sonogram and hear a heart beat during the first trimester of pregnancy! An unborn fetus must be considered a citizen with rights (by law/courts) or people wouldn’t be convicted and receive 2 prison sentences for murders of a pregnant female and her unborn baby!

    2. There is no constitutional right to murder your baby. You can still do it. It is just up to the states now. What’s wrong with being responsible and using birth control or maybe just not having sex.

    3. That’s because of the 10th Amendment. The separation of federal and state government. Federal government only has the power afforded it by the constitution. Everything else is up to the states. That’s what the Supreme Court decided. Abortion should have never been governed by the federal government as it is not a constitutional right. It belongs to the power of the states.

    4. No government is telling a woman what to do now that it’s been overturned SCOTUS has put the power back in the people’s hands in each State. Which is a democratic process don’t you agree.

    5. No overturning Roe vs Wade just means abortion laws are now up to the states to decide if its legal or not, or if its legal within certain aspects like rape or incest. And forcing men 18 or older to have a vasectomy is just unnecessary and absolutely stupid, cause you said is basically saying that the government has control over a man’s reproductive system.

    6. If the unborn baby’s mother is an American citizen, any babies she carries are American citizens before birth. If she is not an American citizen, and she gives birth on US soil, the newborn is a US citizen,but the mother is not.

    7. But when she starts messing around with the body inside her that is wrong. She is just carting that baby but it does not give her the right to kill it because she was to stupid to use birth control or say no to the guy. Women should not resort to abortion for birth control. Why don’t you give the baby a chance and let a women have the baby that cannot conceive. Don’t kill the baby cause you are to selfish to save it and adopt it out.

  12. To give more clarity to these amendments, it would be more informative if you would include the year each one was ratifiedratified.

    1. Everything said here is of no import. We are NOT living under a legitimate government. Once we restore a legitimate government, then we can have discussions about any and all situations. Until that time, we have as much legal obligation to any regulations, new laws, SCOTUS rulings and the like as we do to such rulings of the Vietnamese government. The Vietnamese Government doesn’t have legal jurisdiction over the people of the USA, and neither does this current crop of thieves, traitors, and political operatives who have hijacked our system. They do NOT have proper legal standing. Just because you are sneaky, lying, political operatives doesn’t mean you get to be the President and Speaker and such, regardless of what the manipulated voting system says.
      Time to pull the plug on these enemies of the state…this vipers nest of evil. This was an attack on the United States of America. This was an act of war. This rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic as it is sinking can keep people busy, but it isn’t of import. As this was an act of war and an attack on the sovereignity of the United States of America, this is a job for the military.
      Once the military has cleansed the Augean Stables of the horseshit, then we can carry out the Nuremburg 2.0 trials. After all, these people are responsible for every covid death, every vaccine death or disability, every fentanyl OD death, every death of Americans that did NOT receive help because our funds went elsewhere, foreign nations ( for the kickbacks), bribes etc.
      Those trillions ( TRILLIONS!!! mind you) of dollars could have paved a mile or 2 of distressed roadway, repaired at least 1 or 2 bridges, built a school or 2 in distreesed neighborhoods…. well you get the picture. Where did 5 or 6 TRILLION dollars go? My GOD thats a LOT of money….and where is it? We have been robbed blind in addition to everything else.
      We must confiscate 100% of the estates of these criminals as well as hang them.

  13. Why is the 12th amendment not followed. Seems to me the practice laid out of a distinct ballot from president for vice president would give the people more control over who is in office. Currently, we arent really picking the VP they are apointed by the presidential candidate during the election campaign.

    1. The main point of the 12th amendment was to get rid of the practice of second place candidate was the VP. Though nowadays I’m pretty sure that VP is decided alone with the president.

  14. The USA is a broken country. An awesome constitution yet ruled by maritime law. That’s messed up. The biggest violations of the constitution come from the enforcement agency’s sworn to uphold it. Even sicker. Corrupt 3 letter agencies and the largest drug, weapons and human trafficking is done by them. Open boarders are for this purpose. Insider trading and government contracts given to friends with huge back handed contributions. The people need to take their country back sooner rather than later and hold all of these people accountable on a public stage for the entire world to see. Just my opinion.

  15. Many of your comments represent people that are unhappy and do not live by the Bible. But more importantly, the pot is calling the kettle black. There are many reasons given as to why things are the way they are, but one important reason is never mentioned even though it is in the minds of many of you. You want to take America back to the 1800s or earlier. NOT going to happen.

    Instead of trying to improve things, you are making it much worse than it should be. The only dictatorship is from the right wing and all these unqualifed so-called political persons from both sides.

  16. Where in the constitution does it say that All elected officials have to abide by the constitutional laws as does a common citizen? Why are not our elected representatives adhere to the laws like us citizens do? Are they above the law?
    They don’t contribute to the social security system. They don’t get Medicare. They get their salaries for the rest of their lives! And you’re telling me they get the same treatment like the rest of us?

  17. All this talk about a president who, INFACT did nothing for his country but promote racism and violence, WHILE he was in office. (By the way, the person I’m talking about is Donald Trump) and that I’m glad he was impeached. At least he did cause FURTHER DAMAGE to our great country. and anyone who says differently must be a Trump lover and if you think that he will run for the 2024 election… you must be pretty dumb.

  18. Need to march on Washington and demand resignation of all the politicians because they are voted in by the people but they are not for the people they lie to get in office and do nothing they promised for the people they sell out to the corporations to screw the American people that is why there is so much poverty the rich get richer while the poorer get poorer Only way to show who’s crooked make it public all their tax information yearly income for politicians is not millions. Majority goes in don’t have a pot to piss in but by the first year they are multi millionaires They are sell outs to corporations to screw their own people over for the money. While us disabled veterans have to fight for what little we get . It’s a crying shame we stood for this country in time of need to just get shit on and medical discharged and live month to month and worry if we are going to be able to make the bills because they tell you you will be taken care of but it’s a lie and have to fight to get anything because they won’t to cut and take away what they promised we did there dirty work now that we got injured we are no use just discard us like trash If it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t have a job because none of them could endure and do what we did
    You want justice indict and convict all of them crooked politicians and seize their assets and put on the deficit because it was obtained illegally. That’s justice

  19. Folks, the fact that you can express your opinions is the reason we are privileged to live in the US. The bottom line– if you want to continue using these forums and your Bill of Rights, democracy needs to be respected and protected.

  20. Re this “individual states gained the right to police alcohol-related laws themselves.” in the description of the 21st Amendment, is “gained the right” correct? I’m no Constitutional scholar but I don’t recall the Constitution reserving that right to the Federal Government. But I DO remember the Constitution saying that all powers not explicitly granted to the Federal Government remain the purview of the States.

    So, where does the wording “gained the right” come from?

  21. I just came onto the site to review the Constitution. I never expected the banter and bashing. I see the division among us. I am entitled to my opinion but wont share my views other than to say to those who sacrificed for this country, we owe you a huge debt and I agree with your sentiments. You are appreciated.

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