Who was the oldest president?

US Constitution
US Constitution

According to the constitution, there is no age limit as a requirement for the president. This means that the United States President can be as old as they like.

Who was the oldest president?

The oldest president is Joe Biden who became president at 78  years of age.

Read on to find out more about President Biden and how he was the oldest president elected.

How old is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden was elected president of the United States in November 2020 at the great age of 78. He became the oldest president ever to be elected. He came from a working-class family in Pennsylvania – the child of hard-working parents. The family moved to Delaware where Joe managed to get a good secondary education.

Joe Biden’s Education

He attended Delaware University where he studied history and political science and was good at football. He met his future first wife and enrolled in Syracuse University Law School on graduating from Delaware in 1965 and married in 1966. Following his graduation in 1968, he moved to Delaware to begin practicing as a lawyer.

In those days Biden had more energy and ran a tireless campaign organized mainly by his family members.

Personal Tragedy

In December 1972 tragedy struck when his wife and daughter were killed in a terrible car accident, and both his sons were seriously injured.

The Senator

Joe Biden’s family encouraged him to continue with his campaign and he was elected to represent the people of Delaware in the Senate.

From 1973 to 2009, Biden served as a Senator. He served as chairman of The Foreign Relations Committee including promoting peace and stability in the Balkans. He spoke out against George W Bush‘s handling of the Iraq war.

Biden also proposed tougher crime laws. He established himself as a Democratic lawmaker and in 1987 he made the decision to run for the US presidency.

Reports soon surfaced that he had plagiarized his speech and he was forced to drop out of the race.

The Oldest President’s Ambitions

Joe Biden had not given up the idea of becoming president, and the years were passing as he worked away in the Senate. In 2007 20 years after his first attempt to become president, he decided to run again.

Unfortunately, he was overshadowed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and his campaign was a bit underwhelming.

Some months later Obama secured the Democratic nomination following a hard campaign. Biden was useful to Obama because of his working-class roots and Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate.

Biden’s role was to communicate the economic recovery message in crucial states like Pennsylvania Biden’s birth hometown.

Joe Biden’s Policies

Joe Biden was particularly good at formulating foreign policy. On January 20 2009 Obama was sworn in as president, with Joe Biden as his deputy. Biden’s role was primarily behind the scenes, and he used his past contacts to secure the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

In 2012 Joe Biden showed his expertise in financial negotiations in increasing taxes and spending cuts to avoid the GFC crisis. In 2013 the fiscal cliff bill passed the Senate after some months of negotiation. He then turned his skills to gun control reducing violence across the country drafting 19 actions the president could take on gun control.

Personal Life of Joe Biden

Biden married again in 1977 to Jill Biden and they had one daughter. Biden suffered another personal tragedy when his 46-year-old son Beau died of brain cancer. This second terrible loss, put any presidential plans to rest as he dealt with his grief.

After Joe Was Vice-President

In January 2017 President Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom the nation’s highest honor and named him the best Vice President America had ever had. It also honored his lifetime of service to the country. Most people would consider that a high point to retire on, but not Joe Biden. He left office but did not remain quiet, occasionally speaking out against Donald Trump, and saying that he hadn’t ruled out running for president in 2020. He was still grieving the death of his son but was fixated on a member of his party running against Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the Democrats weren’t ready to let Biden give up and a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll in June suggested that Biden might be able to win the party’s nomination, topping the poll at 32%.

Planning the Presidential Campaign at Joe Biden’s Age

In the lead-up to the campaign a Nevada State Assemblywoman, Lucy Flores accused Joe Biden of inappropriately kissing her. This was followed up with another female complainant. Finally, in April 2019, Biden delivered the news that he planned to run for president in 2020. Biden tried to have President Trump impeached and the proceedings went ahead, but President Trump was acquitted.

The first Presidential debate was in September 2020 and became heated, and Biden became flustered but got in a few points. Covid caused extreme disruption to the final debate, and in the third debate microphones were muted and Biden got some points across with President Trump temporarily silent. The election was very close and on November 7th, 2020 Biden was declared as the 46th President of the USA after winning Pennsylvania.

Victory For The Oldest President

Joe Biden had finally been successful and has done a few things like signing a flurry of executive orders during his first few days in office. Also tried getting the whole country vaccinated against COVID-19. He has also promised to establish publicly funded pre-schools and a family medical leave program. A record surge of migrants has caused Biden to renege on his promise to raise the cap on refugees for the year.

He doesn’t appear at press conferences very often, and one would wonder if there was a cutout age for prospective presidents. At a certain stage of life, many lose their energy and some lose their clarity of thought. If you can’t make clear decisions as president, you really can’t run the country.

Many people would like to be able to predict what lies ahead for the USA under President Biden.

Ages of US Presidents - Oldest to Youngest:

PresidentAge at start of presidency
Joe Biden
78 years, 61 days
Donald Trump
70 years, 220 days
Ronald Reagan
69 years, 349 days
William Henry Harrison
68 years, 23 days
James Buchanan
65 years, 315 days
George H. W. Bush
64 years, 222 days
Zachary Taylor
64 years, 100 days
Dwight D. Eisenhower
62 years, 98 days
Andrew Jackson
61 years, 354 days
Gerald Ford
61 years, 26 days
John Adams
61 years, 125 days
Harry S. Truman
60 years, 339 days
James Monroe
58 years, 310 days
George Washington
57 years, 67 days
James Madison
57 years, 353 days
Thomas Jefferson
57 years, 325 days
John Quincy Adams
57 years, 236 days
Woodrow Wilson
56 years, 66 days
Richard Nixon
56 years, 11 days
Andrew Johnson
56 years, 107 days
Lyndon B. Johnson
55 years, 87 days
Grover Cleveland
55 years, 351 days
Benjamin Harrison
55 years, 196 days
Warren G. Harding
55 years, 122 days
Martin Van Buren
54 years, 89 days
William McKinley
54 years, 34 days
Herbert Hoover
54 years, 206 days
George W. Bush
54 years, 198 days
Rutherford B. Hayes
54 years, 151 days
Abraham Lincoln
52 years, 20 days
Jimmy Carter
52 years, 111 days
John Tyler
51 years, 6 days
Chester A. Arthur
51 years, 349 days
Franklin D. Roosevelt
51 years, 33 days
Calvin Coolidge
51 years, 29 days
William Howard Taft
51 years, 170 days
Millard Fillmore
50 years, 183 days
James K. Polk
49 years, 122 days
James A. Garfield
49 years, 105 days
Franklin Pierce
48 years, 101 days
Grover Cleveland
47 years, 351 days
Barack Obama
47 years, 169 days
Ulysses S. Grant
46 years, 311 days
Bill Clinton
46 years, 154 days
John F. Kennedy
43 years, 236 days
Theodore Roosevelt
42 years, 322 days

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  1. I will be opting out of anything from your site. After reading this post it is obvious you don’t value the Constitution at all. Anyone who does would not write such a sanitized history of Creepy Ching Joe Biden. He is the antithesis of a public servant. He is a racist: you didn’t mention any of his many racist rants. He has used his office for personal gain; you don’t mention any of the many times has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His foreign policy record is atrocious; as Gates said, he has been wrong on every foreign policy matter for 20+ years. His only foreign policy success is getting money from our enemies to undermine our country. It is a disgrace for you to associate the Constitution with your organization.

    1. Thank you for your comment. As a policy, we try and stay as unbiased as possible and report the facts. Obviously with a topic which is primarily focused on politics, there is a very thin line. We invite comments (such as yours) in order to correct any mistakes or biases that may have been inadvertently made. As you will see from browsing the site, we approve comments from all over the political spectrum.
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      There is another article specifically on Joe Biden in general that you may also want to take a look at where your criticism is perhaps more valid.

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