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The US Constitution is the supreme law for the United States of America.

Why Another US Constitution PDF?

This PDF version of the constitution has been prepared by using a revised version of the constitution which includes its amendments.

It also includes the Bill of Rights.

We wanted to make this PDF as accessible as possible and have therefore refrained from commentary or other explanations. If you require such, you can find information on the US Constitution and its amendments at

You are free to share this Constitution PDF, although you are always advised to download it from this website for the latest version.

In order to download this US Constitution PDF, either click here or on the PDF cover on the right.


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9 Responses

  1. I’m interested in learning everything about the US Constitution to help others to understand its content, including the all 27 amendments.

  2. You know, part of my family fought in the Revolution. I feel that a review of why they fought so hard , is important. From time to time I lose sight of that. I know you cannot give away the knowledge or teach what you do not poscess. I feel moving forward, that sticking to the original version, the spirit, of it will help us through what may come next. An old saying goes ” if you want something to get totally f#*! ed up, involve a lot of stupid people.” Thank you for your time.

  3. I would like to have a copy of the constitution of the United States. I would like a refresher since it is the Supreme law of the land. It also doesn’t hurt to know the facts when debating or teaching future generations the importance of keeping this document in practice and in meaning when going forward as to not relive what was happening to cause a need for this document That all the people agreed on.

    1. It is The Constitution for the United States of America.

      Not: The Constitution Of The United States Of America.

      2 separate documents. The first one was written for the American Revolution,
      the second was written in 1871

    2. In 1871 INTERNATIONAL BANKERS BRIBED THE THEN BANKRUPT US GOVT.,( due to the civil war) to change the wording into capitalization and that one word of/for. The usa became a corporation on 2/21/1871 due to that event. The rothchilds, rockefellers, pasuers , london bankers, bailed the govt out behind the peoples back.since then the us govt was beholden to the corporations/bankers, not the people. It was the most diabolical scheme ever oulled off.

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