What Is the Legislative Branch?

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American citizens are responsible for the election of many important government officials on both a national and state level. Those who uphold their democratic responsibility to vote will determine the winner of national presidential elections and who sits in the different houses of the Legislative Branch. What is the Legislative Branch, how does it work, and what power does it hold over the Executive Branch?

What Is a Government Shutdown?


A government shutdown is an event where the American government’s nonessential offices cannot operate due to a lack of funding. Various federally-run operations will stop working during the shutdown, usually because the federal budget has not been approved.

Who Approves Presidential Appointments?

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Clause 2, Section 2 of Article II of the United States Constitution is known as the Appointments Clause. This specific part of the Constitution empowers the U.S. President to nominate anyone he or she sees fit to many different departments and positions.

What Is a Bicameral Legislature?

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Very few countries in this world operate without some form of a legislative branch of government. Roughly 60% of the nations in the world function under what is known as a unicameral legislature. Generally, the rest of the world, including the United States, adopts a bicameral system.

What Branch Is Congress?

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It can be really difficult to understand all the moving parts of our government. Unfortunately, it’s partially by design. With all of the systems in place to keep our government honest and non-corrupt, it requires a lot of research for someone who isn’t a political scholar to understand what each piece does.

What is the Electoral College and how does it work?

About the Electoral College Every four years, millions of American voters head to the polls to elect their President. After casting the ballot, voters wait for the results to be declared officially. The presidential winner is determined by the electoral college and not the nationwide vote. The constitution established a compromise in the electoral college […]