American Made Free Weights

Why American-Made Free Weights Are Better When it comes to the manufacturing of free weights, China seems to dominate the industry, with 95% of free weights being produced there. However, American-made free weights offer a higher level of quality, safety, and durability. Concerns with Chinese-Made Free Weights Concerns about Chinese-made products, such as lack of […]

American Made Toys

Why Opt for Toys Manufactured in the United States? When purchasing toys made and shipped within the United States, consumers can have greater assurance in the materials used in their production. In the 20th century, concerns were raised by parents and lawmakers about the presence of lead in toys. Due to its durability, lead was […]

American Made Dog Food

Why Buy American-Made Dog Food? You may have seen the recent push on social media towards American-made dog and cat food brands. Pet parents aren’t just being overly cautious– there has been a number of recalls due to pet illness and contamination from internationally produced pet foods. In addition, pet parents have moved towards buying […]

American Made Sandals

Why choose American made sandals? When the weather starts heating up, it makes sense to opt for a pair of shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Sandals are on offer from a variety of fashion and footwear brands across the world, so you may be wondering – what makes US-made sandals so special? American-made […]

American Made Hiking Boots

Why choose American hiking boots? Despite the fact that a large amount of sportswear brands and hiking specific brands hail from the USA, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of hiking boots available on the market are not made in America. With lower quality control, cheaper minimum wage laws, and minimal trading […]

American Made Flashlights

Why choose American flashlights? When looking for the best quality flashlight, it makes sense to look for flashlights made in the USA. Although it is hard to find a flashlight that doesn’t outsource some aspects of its production abroad, the best-performing flashlights use American LED lights and are designed with the US market in mind. […]