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Constitution Quiz: What Is a Constitution? PDF

What is a Constitution? Quiz PDF

We are all familiar with certain aspects of the United States Constitution such as our right to free speech and bear arms, or what it means to plead the fifth, but what is a Constitution? Test your knowledge on this subject with our quiz.

Constitution Quiz: What Is the Three-Fifths Compromise? PDF

Three-Fifths Compromise Quiz PDF

The Three-Fifths Compromise is an infamous passage in the United States Constitution that ultimately proved to be a temporary measure to bridge the interests of Northern and Southern states. Test your knowledge of the Three-Fifths Compromise by taking our quiz on the subject.

Constitution Quiz: The Great Compromise PDF

The Great Compromise Quiz PDF

The Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention was a seminal moment in the history of the United States. It helped to deliver a Constitution that has truly stood the test of time. What do you know about The Great Compromise and its impact on the nation? Why not take our quiz to find out!

Constitution Quiz: When and Where Was the US Constitution Written? PDF

US Constitution Quiz PDF

The US Constitution is perhaps one of the most significant Constitutions ever written. It has helped to maintain the Union for over 200 years and set up a system of government with the intent of serving the people, whilst protecting them from tyranny. So, when and where was the US Constitution written?

Constitution Quiz: US Citizenship PDF

Multiple Choice Quiz PDF

Click here to download your US Citizenship Quiz in PDF format. US Citizenship is undoubtedly one of the most sought after in the world today. The concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness espoused in the Declaration of Independence greatly appeals to freedom loving people around the globe. So, how much do you […]

Constitution Quiz: 14th Amendment PDF

14th Amendment Quiz PDF

The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution addressed the status of newly freed slaves after the Civil War, automatically granting them citizenship of the United States. It was one of three Reconstruction Amendments introduced after the war.