What Is The Constitutional Amendment Process?

Constitutional amendment process

Constitutional Amendment Definition The amendments to the Constitution are vital laws that changed the rights of citizens. They also allowed for a more equal society and generally updated the original document. What is an amendment? So, what is the constitutional amendment process to turn proposed bills into legal changes to the Constitution? The constitutional amendment […]

Pictures Explain: Article 2 of US Constitution in Simple Terms

Article 2 of the Constitution outlines the executive branch of the US Government. It gives particular attention to the president and his/her powers and responsibilities. As it can be difficult to understand, we have explained the text of the 2nd article in simple words – summarizing the main points. We hope that you find it […]

Pictures Explain: Article 1 of US Constitution in Simple Terms

Article 1 of the Constitution starts off the constitution by establishing what powers Congress holds. As it can be difficult to understand, we have explained the text of the 1st article in simple words – summarizing the main points. We hope that you find it useful. Feel free to share this graphic! Click here to […]

Where is Innocent Until Proven Guilty found in the constitution?

US Constitution

The term “innocent until proven guilty” is something that we can easily take for granted within the legal system. We are used to the concept of presumed innocence in a modern courtroom setting where the prosecution has to work to prove a defendant’s guilt. It is part of a wider range of legal clauses design […]

What Amendment Includes the Freedom of Speech?

US Constitution

Freedom of Speech is one of the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights. These freedoms include speech, religion, press, assembly, and petitioning the government. As the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, these freedoms are some of the United States’ foundational principles. When Was the Bill […]

Citing and Quoting the Constitution

US Constitution

The method for citing the Constitution will vary based on the APA or MLA formats, but both are easy to handle. An Introduction ConstitutionUS.com provides a full-text listing of the United States Constitution. The transcript includes the Bill of Rights and all twenty-seven Amendments, plus indexes to help people find specific details throughout the text. […]

The Great Compromise

US Constitution

The Constitution: A Document of Compromises Both Great and Small The United States Constitution was created in 1787 to replace America’s first constitution, known as the Articles of Confederation. These had proven largely ineffective in guaranteeing strong central government, shown especially through the lack of a coordinated response to Shays’ Rebellion. The Constitution proper, “the […]

The Constitutional Rights Of The People Of The United States

US Constitution

The United States of America is a country proud of the freedoms offered to its people. The Government readily cites this when comparing the US to other nations. But, the process of creating constitutional rights has been one of compromise and gradual change. As a result, citizens enjoy many constitutional rights now due to the […]

Requirements And Qualifications To Become US President?

US Constitution

These days, it seems that anyone can run for office. We may end up with similar people as the final Democrat and Republican nominee, but the original field is broad. Is this just a hyperbolic reaction given the recent campaigns? Just what are the presidential requirements and qualifications? What are the requirements and qualifications to […]

Alabama’s State Constitution 1901 – Full Text

CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA, AS ADOPTED BY THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, SEPTEMBER 3, 1901, AND IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 28, 1901. We, the people of the State of Alabama, in order to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty […]