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Is Separation of Church and State in the Constitution?

separation of church and state

The diverse make-up of America allows for people of many faiths and backgrounds, and there is no official religion. Instead, there is the notion that there should be a distinct separation of church and state to accommodate everyone. However, this is open to debate, and some practices are questionable.

What Is Original Jurisdiction?

United States Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land and has what is known as “original jurisdiction,” as stipulated by Article III, section 2, of the United States Constitution.

What Is the Equal Protection Clause?

United States Constitution

The United States is a nation that prides itself on being a land of freedom and opportunity for all people. Yet, many times, minorities have had to fight for their rights. 

The Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment should allow for equality for all, so what is the Equal Protection Clause, and how has it helped Americans?

What Is Selective Incorporation?

Wisconsin State Legislature

Selective incorporation is the doctrine describing how the Bill of Rights imposes some limitations on the federal government and are also applied to states. 

What Is Censure vs. Impeachment?

United States Congress

Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution grants the congressional bodies the authority to determine the rules of their proceedings and punish members for disobeying them. Censure and impeachment are some of the ways a house can punish its members.

The President Checklist: What It Requires to Run the Country

Presidential Seal

Anyone who has fulfilled certain requirements can run for office to be the United States President. The 4 Requirements Are: To be a natural-born US citizen. To be a minimum age of 35 years old. To have been a resident of the United States for 14 years. To have not served for 2 terms previously […]