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The Greatest Threat Facing America

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What do you think is the greatest threat facing America today?

I received an email from Reddit asking the following question, and I would be very interested in hearing your answer:
 What do you think is the greatest threat facing America today?
 It’s very open-ended, as there is no definition of what ‘threat’ means. It could mean in terms of nuclear war breaking out. Or it could mean that education standards are low and therefore the standard of production will be a greater threat in the future.
 But here are a few things that come to mind and would be very interested in your point of view also: 

1. Lack of trust in the political system and democracy

At some point, if the government betrays our trust by acting irresponsibly then we will stop voting. And stop paying our taxes. And stop keeping to a common rule system. This is unconnected from who happens to be in power at the time. 

2. Economic Chaos

The world is in a bad place as far as the economy is concerned. There has been a huge rise in prices (ie. inflation), and a reduction of wages. There is only a certain amount of time this can continue and only a certain distance it can go before the whole economic system falls apart. Perhaps that is where Bitcoin comes in?

3. Russia/China etc.

It’s clear that these 2 countries are increasing their power and decreasing their dependency on America or the rest of the Western World. The cold war was an awful time in history, but if the equivalent were to develop today, it would have much larger effects and much quicker. I think that terrorism is included here also.

4. Artificial Intelligence/Technology 

Although it is only relatively recently that Artificial Intelligence came a part of everyday speech, it has been looming in the background for decades. Due to the fast evolution in technology, I would predict that the next decade will be very tough for people who don’t have a skill than can not be fulfilled by technology. Although there will also be positive effects, it is likely that there will be massive unemployment. 

 5. Social Media/ Mental Health

I think that we are currently facing two major crises that are strongly connected. I think that social media is causing mental health issues and mental health issues are causing addiction to social media. I have school-aged children, and it is both amazing and awful to see the problems that are being caused that never used to exist – or if they did then far less. There are definitely many items outside social media that are also a cause, but just seeing the habits of kids and teenagers today is very concerning.

6. You Decide!!!

 What do you think is the biggest threat to America today? Please let me know by voting in the following Poll:


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What if you hate both candidates?

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  1. I believe that a country to be what our framers and founder’s set America to be or what she stood for was a Republican Government for the people’s pursuit for happiness within America’s secured borders minding our laws, regulations, and rules as American citizens. And the Federal/National United States of America her Government was or the public servants otherwise her Officials were for the people’s and our country’s security and protection by the grace of god.

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