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[POLL] Has the president done enough to reduce inflation?

[POLL] Inflation: Did the president take adequate measures?

Do you think that the government has done enough to keep prices lower? 

Over the last few years, we have seen massive inflation in the United States. This meant that the prices of everything has gone up, while our savings have become less.

Covid had a huge effect on the economy leading to great economic shifts not only in the United States but also worldwide.

For example:

  1. The supply chain was affected
  2. Fewer people were able to work
  3. Large numbers of businesses went bankrupt

One of the solutions was to implement economic stimuli. The idea is that you give people money, and they will spend it. This leads to increased profits for businesses leading to greater employment, and, ultimately, everyone has more money to spend.

One of the side effects of this is that if people have more money to spend, businesses can raise their prices, leading to inflation.

As you can see, the whole issue of inflation and price increases is complicated and has only been touched upon above.

In the past few weeks, gas prices have been reduced by 23%, which hopefully is a sign that better economic conditions are to come.

Please comment below, letting us know why you answered as you did.

4 Responses

  1. The president was focused on changing everything that Trump did while in office. Good or bad he had an anti-Trump agenda. Closing the pipeline and not allowing adequate drilling then going to our enemies to ask for oil says that either he thinks they run a better system for protecting the environment or he was creating a shortage on purpose. Gas is still more expensive than pre-Biden.
    We can all agree the retreat from Afghanistan left billions of dollars worth of functional military vehicles and top secret technology to people who mortally hate the USA.
    Continuing to print money to put us deeper in debt is a no-brainer. More money chasing the same amount goods=inflation. Then sending billions to a government overseas that isn’t even a democracy. Billions of dollars with little oversight means someone is profiting and asking for more.

  2. Not the president so how can he do anything to reduce inflation. He was installed he was not elected. Don’t call him the president. Call him the resident.

  3. The worst thing that has caused inflation, and so many of our problems, is stopping the pipeline so we are no longer energy independent. Now the credit card companies are isolating any charges for ammo or guns. How long before they come after our weapons, leaving us defenseless? Had conservatives taken charge while Trump was in, our America would be back. They were idiots who waited until the last year to support Trump. I don’t see them having any backbone to attack the left even if they take the house back. All constitutional loving people better wise up and watch the polling places to make sure this November the elections are legitimate.

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