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[POLL] Respect for Marriage Act Protects Same Sex Marriage

[POLL] Should Respect for Marriage Act protect same-sex marriage?

The Respect for Marriage Act will offer federal protection for same-sex marriage. This means that it will no longer be the responsibility of each state to create its ruling. This will repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which only gives recognition to marriage between a man and a woman.

Please comment below, letting us know why you answered as you did.

3 Responses

  1. It’s a no-brainer according to the laws of God marriages between a man and a woman. End of story. Governments in way too much crap as it is already they need to shove it and get out of our lives.

  2. God create this beautiful nature with three gender ; male, female and Kinnar(gay). Without opposite sex, nature will not run, so please save this beautiful nature, not disturb it.

  3. If Almighty God condemns homosexuality which includes same-sex counterfeit marriage and all the other deviant sexual activities going on, who in the world are we to over-turn His ruling on this issue? In scripture, He calls this activity an abomination and in ancient Biblical times, these misguided people who gave into their abnormal and unnatural sexual desires for their same gender were stoned to death. Today, even our own Supreme Court has decided in their ignorance, defiance and rebellion and arrogance, they, the clay knows better than the potter who made each and everyone of us. Also, to say that God made homosexuals is a lie straight from hell meaning, Satan who deceives people into believing what God condemns. If God made them this way, why then would He condemn this unnatural practice in scripture? How confusing would that be? I rest my case.

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