Who Controls the National Guard?

National Guard

The act of calling in the National Guard means a situation has gotten out of hand. The troops arrive to bring greater law and order during extreme unrest and make the situation either better or worse.

When Did Cuba Gain Independence?

Cuban flag

The relationship between Cuba and the United States is long and complex. Older Americans may still view it as a troublesome neighbor from the Cold War era, while younger Americans may question why American sanctions so restrict the Cuban people. 

Who Made the Louisiana Purchase?

City park in New Orleans

The Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803 but remains of immense historical importance today. That is, this land sale is one of the most significant land sales of all time, and thus, the United States history and the geographical sphere would have been vastly different if the Louisiana Purchase never took place. 

When Was NASA Created?


For many Americans, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is one of those national agencies that has been around forever. We have seen images of the first moon landing from 1969 and know that this came after a long period of research and development.

Who Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster

On September 18th, 2020, the world said goodbye to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive icon that forever left a mark on American history. 

Who Is the Tallest President?

tallest presidents

According to official records, Abraham Lincoln holds the record for being the United States’ tallest president. Honest Abe carried a considerable 6’4 frame, meaning it will take a well-built soul to strip the title in the future.