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What did the Pilgrims Eat at the First Thanksgiving?

Photo of Thanksgiving dinner

First Thanksgiving Feast The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days. The Pilgrims planned the gathering to celebrate their first successful fall harvest in the New World. About 50 colonists and 90 Native American men from the Wampanoag tribe attended this first feast. What was served at the first Thanksgiving? There is no historical record documenting […]

What is Presidents’ Day?

Photo of Mount Rushmore

Largely enjoyed and celebrated by everyone, very few people know what makes this holiday so important for the United States. Get Smarter on US News, History, and the Constitution Join the thousands of fellow patriots who rely on our 5-minute newsletter to stay informed on the key events and trends that shaped our nation’s past […]

Important US Holidays

US Constitution

The United States of America is a land known for its freedom. It is the birthplace of humanity’s greatest minds and people who have impacted countless lives throughout history. The American spirit consists of the pursuit of happiness and liberty through hard work and innovation. One can see this in how many holidays are commemorated in America […]

History of Labor Day

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Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States and other Western countries that honors laborers’ contribution to our society. Outside of the United States, it is known as International Labor Day.

Constitution Day: I am an American

US Constitution

Constitution Day US The anniversary of the day that the US Constitution was written and signed by 39 delegates is called Constitution Day. By law, in the public American educational system, teachers must set aside to teach about the Constitution. The signing of the US Constitution On September 17th, 1787, the United States Constitution was […]